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How To Avoid Increasing Your Odds For Early Death By 4 Times After A Heart Attack.


300 heart attack survivors found that folks in this Belgian study who held in negative emotions rather than speaking more freely were four times as likely to die within six to 10 years after their heart attacks.

  Researchers deduced that emotionally unexpressive types experience greater stress causing artery spasms and increasing blood clot tendency.  80& of our aging process can be attributed to our attitudes and expectations. How you react to a problem is more important sometimes than the problem that becomes bigger than life and twice as frightening.  You hear the expression, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".   Every day we need to count our blessings, feed our soul with something we find deeply pleasurable like a walk in your commmunity, listening to music, curling up with a book, watching a son or daughter's sporting event. Nothing dissolves a bad mood faster than humor...and being blue, isolating ourselves socially can make a bad mood worse. Helping others by volunteering will make you see there are many in situations far worse than your present problem.  Climbing a mountain, hiking a trail, paddling a kayak on a still lake or just being in a natural setting helps us realize that the sun is going to rise and set regardless of our mood that day. 

     Emotionally resilent people view crises as opportunities for problem solving. The old "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". You can not control events or people in your life but we all can learn to react positively to those people and events. The whirl of emotion from current Washington spending and uncertainity is all taken in stride as you get older and have witness the ups and downs of life, economic cyles, and emotional upheavals from private family matters that every one has.  Take care of yourself with healthy habits..beyond just eating right, getting plenty of sleep and exercise. Pursue your interests that avoid boredom and depression.  Strive to grow each day..learn new habits, consider new options salt and peppered thru out your life that is a day to day journey. If you are stuck in a job you hate, explore your options. By being in the wrong place and not satisfied, it affects the rest of your life, and those around you.  How old do you have to be to see the puzzle pieces clearly and how they all fit from your perspective?  We all are good at stuffing and not dealing with issues or feelings we would rather not address. But if schedules with work, family events and our day to day routine is over booked, we never get to the root of what is making us unhappy or anxious.

     The opening line on my Houlton Maine real estate website is "Is something missing in your life?" After listing, selling real estate for 30 years, I find that there are many many unhappy people. Some because they do not like the pace or speed of life they are on and are exhausted but see no way out.  That's why I promote the simpler easier going way of living in a small Maine town.  Other folks are running away from their lives that have not gone the way they had planned or hoped. Others want to start a new from failed marriages, health set backs or just owning everything around them rather than being mortgaged to the hilt.  Many I meet just want a safe place, a friendly community to raise their families in. Their salary size is not as important as the well being of their children and where they raise them to be happy, self sufficient, hard working productive adults. How well do you know yourself and what makes you tick? What have you learned you can share in the comments here that others might embrace to make their live brighten, their day to day happier?

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Comment balloon 1 commentAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • February 17 2009 08:32AM


This is very interesting.  I try to be positive and not subscribe to the negativity that is all around us (especially right now).  Also, I try to make time to exercise and do things that I like once in a while.  Helping others to be positive is good, also trying to surround yourself with positive people.  We have started a group that meets once a week in our office to dicsuss strategies and things that we are trying and then we "report" back to each other.  It is nice to be able to share ideas this way.  Thanks for your post - something to think about! 

Posted by Susan Jackowski, Lake Norman NC & Hudson Valley NY (Lake Norman NC) over 11 years ago

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