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Your Ears Perk Up When Buyer Or Seller Says..." That Country 22 Broker Is A Jerk".

angry, difficult customers

Let's face it, there are professionals and duds in any profession. 

But when a buyer or seller wanders into our Houlton Maine office, and says "so and so is a jerk, and lousy and not professional, etc" my ears perk up and I think "oh oh".  Everyone but serial killers are well intentioned deep down.  But some folks in the public we deal with are hard or impossible to please.  And often they think running down the competition is something you will agree with and enjoy. I don't.  Most real estate brokers try very hard to do the best they can to list, market and sell property and deal with the fun and games in between that come into play.  You have to wonder when you will be on the receiving end of the criticism and need to hear the whole story on why this other broker is never getting a Christmas card from this individual. 

Often times you find beyond simple misunderstandings that the property they want to sell is way way over priced and the other broker should have backed away from the listing.  Or the terms and conditions the owner gave him to work around are impossible...i.e. next to nothing compensation, won't allow showing unless they are there and with a week's notice, won't move for three years after sale, want three times its value, etc.  So no, I do not enjoy seeing a fellow real estate professional run into the ground and slandered nor do I have any time or inclination to add my two cents to build the fire of anger.  List, market, sell without the drama, the back biting or gossip.  Because if you get involved with an impossible situation or owner or buyer, you will be the one they are spreading the word on  about what a poor excuse for a human being they think you are, and on and on.  You are suppose to say a prayer for, forgive and love everyone.  But in this business there are people that are play mean, nasty, impossible and that need to have a wide path made to steer clear of them.  Skills in handling hard to handle people are part of our tough skill/tender hearted training.  But there are times you are in a box andrew mooers, mooers realty logo,maine real estatecanyon with some people and the situations they are in and should recognize where you need to turn the rig around and high tail it to work on deals with buyers and sellers that are realistic. Andry, difficult customers can be brought around by listening first to see what they are angry at. But if you come away with the other broker did do their job and their is no reasoning with the customer, be nice, don't fight..and back away. Back away quickly.  A poison well is no good for anyone and you only add fuel to the fire and get involved in the turmoil which is unproductive and puts you in a mood those around you have to deal with.

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Comment balloon 2 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • February 04 2009 03:02PM


I totally agree with you about walking away from poisoned well. Some people are drainbows no matter how hard you try to please them. Be cautious of dealing with 'Debbie Downers".

Posted by LYDIA LAMOREUX (ZipRealty) almost 12 years ago

I have gone into the post office whistling before and in a great mood and had one fellow angrily say.."what are you so happy about?" Sorry....but that is the kind of unhappy person that is mad at the world.  You still need to be patient and sometimes you see why they are angry..and they just want someone to listen and be patient with them.  But with the angry wall they put up, it chases folks away. I have had customers that were armed for bear when they came in and later apologize for being kind of rude and you take it all in stride.  I am talking more about the hopeless situation real estate wise and can get thru most of the personality quirks we all have.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) almost 12 years ago

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