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Waiting Until You Need Necessities, Paying Cash, Avoiding Credit Altogether.

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Hey..what a novel approach.  That was the headline in the news today as observed by some of the big box stores in spending patterns of their customers.  Isn't that the way it should be?

You don't buy way ahead unless there is a deal. You pay for things with money you have now, not hope to have  later. You determine what is a priority to buy with what you have. Can't the country be run to live and spend within their means or is that so old fashion, square, so turn of the century pot and auger survival and no fun at all? Cautious spending....even if you are making money hand over fist is still good business. Frugal not cheap and getting the best deal, the best trade for the money you work so hard for. Or you don't spend the money if you perceive you are not getting value in exchange.  Maine kids pick potatoes, rake blueberries, work on lobster, fishing boats and dig for clams.  The families need the helping hand to cover costs and household overhead. New school clothes bought with harvest money Aroostook County youth just pocketed. The money earned is held on to longer, not spending it is an option too.  Not many burned holes in the pockets of teenage youth in Aroostook County.  Why? Money is always held onto tightly, always precious.  Savings are security, a way to sleep better nights.  Heck local farmers and woods operators figure if they broke even, paid all their taxes, wages and overhead, and get to have another go at it next year, they are rich.  Breaking even is way way better than owing thousands and thousands and sinking. Examine how you react to this situation.  You make alot of money but you don't owe any.  Aren't you "rich" and free of the stress and anxiety that you and others around you go thru if you are up to your eyeballs in debt, buying this, throwing plastic money you may not have on that.  How did we get so wasteful in this country? Too much money to burn?  As hard as the high gas and heating oil is, and the roller coaster with the stock market making us queasy, if you have savings, if you don't owe money, and if you find recreation that is no cost, low cost like Maine offers, isn't the belt tightening what the country needed?  Starting with food, shelter, heating as your most basic need...and allocating from the funds you have to prioritize for those needs. And remembering your kids are watching, learning and being taught that the entire family needs to be on board this "running a tight ship" program.  Maine has conservative banking principles and is in better shape than most areas.  The local population enjoys "Vacationland" that we live in..the good things right in our backyard like 4 season beauty, wildlife, space andrew mooers, maine real estate broker image,logoand freedom from traffic, crime, over population, pollution.  Leave that behind and fit right in with fiscally responsible thinking and living.  There is a real sense of community, people help each other. Maine...the way life should be.

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