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Vice Presidential Debate Is In The Can, And Now The Media Tells Us What We Heard And Saw Right?


The two hours after the vice presidential debate was a time for massive amounts of media analysis about what we just watched and heard, how we heard it, and grading on the "performance". 

The American taxpayer and voter does not really need to have the debate steak cut for them or be spoon fed the regurgitated broadcast event...the viewer / listener heard the questions, saw the human element of delivery and convinction of the answers. And the debate between "talking heads" in the herd of jounalists and their own debate, spin and opinions on who scored the most points and why seems like a waste.  I enjoyed the vp debate, am proud of our leaders and their difficult job with the issues facing the country for challenges. But ten minutes into the heated media debate on "who won" may be go hunting for the channel changer. If the same two hours of this brain trust of jounalist spewed construction advice on what the country needs to do, what they would do if president or VP, and other constructive use of the times while millions watch, what an educational positive experience that would be. But what would be the fun in that? If you feel strongly about one candidate over the other, you enjoy hearing one side of the long desk or round table of journalist say your candidate was strong, convincing or bested the other.  Then another announcer can explain how the other candidate won points on this or that.  What if the time  for mooers realty, maine real estate websitereactions from media was used to cover other news that is back seated ?  Maybe it was a slow news day. 

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Comment balloon 6 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • October 02 2008 10:01PM


I thought it was the dumbest moment of television ever. I felt dumber for even having it on while I was working.

Posted by Shane OnullGorman, Eau Claire Wisconsin, Real Estate Agent & Realtor- Buy or Sell (Eau Claire Realty, Inc.) almost 11 years ago

Thank you for the post.  I agree with you we do not need the media bias.  As for the first comment,  all they needed was channel ABC. That was the dumbest moment of television ever.  I thought that tonight was monumental.  That history was made for a woman in a vice-presidential debate.  Thanks for the post.

Posted by Jeff Rogers (retired) almost 11 years ago

Watching the recap of the Rays beating the White Sox was just the facts, footage of the key plays and no media arguing or going on and on to hog the camera or mike like the up and coming media personalities idid in the post debate.  The candidates ought to grill the announcers and ask them what they would do on this, this and this issue.  Put the media on the stage to squirm at the podium and see how well versed they are on every topic thrown at the under the sun. Now that would be entertainment! Thanks Jeff and Eau!

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) almost 11 years ago

Andrew, I will admit that I didn't watch the debate.  The media is the reason, I guess if both candidates were speaking say Greek, then we may need the commentary, otherwise, just shut up and sign off the air!  The media is the reason that I didn't watch the debate.  I caught part of the Charles Gibson interview with Sarah Palin a couple of weeks ago, worst interviewer I have ever seen, at least make a feeble attempt to disguise your biases!  I think he is lucky that she didn't slug him in the face!  Here is a note to the media, as a citizen of this great nation: I do not care what you think!  I do care what each of the candidates have to say!  Other than that, please sit down and shut up!

Posted by Tony & Darcy Cannon, The C Team (Aubrey and Associates Realty) almost 11 years ago

When one is castigated for having a different opinion, that really makes my blood boil.

We see and read the news, albeit from different resources. Some news are twisted to favor one at the expense of another, others are edited so that critically important information is missing and people are quoted out of context.

Nonetheless, there are ways to get the real story and the facts (although "their" facts may still be different from "our" facts).

The bottom line is: we will always have different conclusions and different opinions.

"If we are all all thinking alike, then no one is thinking."

Posted by Pacita Dimacali, Alameda/Contra Costa Counties CA (Alain Pinel) almost 11 years ago

The best way to get the truth, form your own opinion, to hear the question asked and the way the answer came out in the words of the candidate is to watch the entire debate. Start to finish..then turn off set. Forget the exit media arm chair opinions, critique on the "performance".  And digest the debate you saw, that you can score yourself as an adult, as a tax payer as an American. Plan to vote in four weeks!

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) almost 11 years ago

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