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Search For Real Estate Listings In Maine, New To The Market Properties.

When you are a buyer searching for real estate listings in Maine, time is precious.

Especially the new to the market properties. Because you the buyer have already studied top to bottom and side to side what is peddled for properties for sale. That may not match your price range, the gotta have, the don't want list for the ideal property listing. Fishing for information should be easy. No tangles in the net or traps cast and set to gather what is needed. The buyer should be able to drill down into more and more of what they are after and not feel teased or neglected. Left to dig, scratch, wait for information.

Never ever have had anyone say there was too much information or imagery or video too long... they want everything  about the property listing for sale. Scan those surveys, floor plans, soil maps, zoning boundaries. That transfer from what you list as an agent or broker can only be made completely, successfully property after property if collected around the kitchen table, from the town office, registry deeds, talking to neighboring property owners, the works. fishing in maine lobster boat photo

Delay is deadly learning about what is new to the market for real estate listings in Maine.

Finding out about a new property a buyer is excited about and then the let down.

Learning that it just went under contract does not leave a warm, fuzzy feeling deep down inside a real estate buyer. They wasted precious time on a property not even available. That should not be if someone at the real estate office is weeding, feeding, tending the real estate market inventory garden.

Having to wait for word of new real estate listings, for the answers to burning questions about properties already on the market is never fun. It should never happen to sellers that need to get the new to the market property listing live and broadcast full throttle. Because timing is everything in real estate, not just location times three. It's hard to buy when you are ready, willing and able but nothing shows up on real estate radar announcing lookie here. At this new to the market listing.

The buyer does not want to wait until the office opens Monday morning or the next week day because information is lacking and the clock on the wall says you gotta wait. That's all there is for now.

No they don't have to wait. Flit happens for good reason when the buyer does not get what they came into the marketing tent for quick and easy. And navigation on the real estate website portals you set up and shepherd better be easy to understand. From the online site that is lacking real estate property listing information. That is stale, missing new listings or with shelves set up but stocked poorly. That are empty with the necessary details. To decide is this the one or keep looking. local maine community band photo

Every buyer looking for real estate listings in the eenie meenie miney moe exercise should be getting drive through quick, hot and ready full meal deals.

Presentations that are super sized and shipped out 24/7/365 stat like it was life and death important in the real estate operating room. It is.

When important decisions need to be made and information that is accurate, current, full is available at the drop of a hat. Not hours, days, weeks later or not at all. The buying public deserves better than that in any product or service. The local community flavor is also so so important to the brand new to the area real estate property listing buyer.

Nothing works better than full motion with natural sound real estate video for the hop to it strike while the interest iron is hot to trot.

On demand open house and property listing tours happen round the clock with real estate videos. The busiest time of the real estate day our logs show is between 10 and 10:30 at night. Because that is how tight for time real estate buyers these days. So rather than wait for them to call us, email the office or dark the agency office lobby in person, we deliver to them. They should not have to chase us for information that should have been posted right up front that is missing and causing confusion. i love maine button

Not enough information and a vivid imagination causes a jump to the wrong conclusion based on too little information and a buyer filling in the blanks on their own of whatever is missing.

Everything should be posted so the call to the real estate office is not needed.

The email does not need to be sent with the long list of questions raised because information was left out when the agent or broker filled in the blanks. So the real estate buyer no matter what time of day or night or weather or location could have the important property listing details right at their finger tips. Read full article on new property listings on Maine real estate for sale.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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