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Anything I Can Help You With, I'll Be Right Over Here. Look Around.

Making it easy to browse, shop and not with a clock ticking to have to buy today, is that your real estate marketing approach?

Roger Mucci has a good Active Rain blog post now playing about the importance of patience in the "just looking" customer. And the wait for it, wait for it, here it comes a purchase of your goods or service eventually.

Real estate is a big purchase and timing, study is important to be in a position to pull off the buy or sale of a property.

So it makes sense to take everyone serious. Don't make them feel dumb or awkward. Whether buying today or just nibbling, grazing and getting ready to pull the trigger down the road. Make it happen at the speed the customer, client feels most comfortable traveling. Let him, her know can I help you and back off when they say just looking. Let them and don't hover. Videos are so so easy at not tying you up but available around the clock for the best time for the buyer to sneak a peak. No matter what time of day, weather, location the buyer is in or what device he or she is neck reining.

If your real estate website is loaded like an endless buffet. All the property types, listing prices,Horse Mare, Baby Image real estate locations making the mouth drool, jaw drop.

Where no cover charge, no entry paperwork to get through the gate like at Disney Land or World.

Come on down, glad you are here attitude, tone obvious as genuine.

And not a continental breakfast approach or a token offering unless you are ready to buy right here and now.

No sleazy, cheesy rewarmed frozen junior size muffin and coffee that tastes like a brown crayon was dipped in warm water from a garden hose.

Treat them all with respect. The way you would want to be approached and handled. If what you peddle for properties, listings are loaded to the gills with information, imagery, helpful links, aerial maps, videos, surveys.

And one after another spilling out into the lap. Filling the air around the hand held device owner, the real estate marketing should be always front row best you got.

Best seats in the house for the real estate round up, the FAQ, FYI that are just as important blog posts and real estate videos surrounding the buying and selling process. As you guide, navigate, educate and help get those concerns addressed. The missing information supplied. To aid in the hurdles of what is keeping this buyer or seller from taking action?

When you go shopping for a major purchase, today you know you are not planning to actually make it.

Either because more "home work" and education is needed on the real estate purchase to not farm sheep in a row photolook back over your shoulder.

And think boy was that a mistake. Have regrets. Thinking it was jumped into, done way way too quickly without much thought.

Taking the time to line everything up in real estate, in any purchase or sale. No pushing or shoving.

You are just looking, browsing, kicking tires, considering the what if. The how and why.

And not sure what you want to buy or when to sell. Or you may never buy again. Not sell.

Decide where you are, what you have now is best for the situation. Still. Or something comes up that it is a change of plans. The property buying or selling is just on hold. Or not in the cards any more.

The timing of everyone's life is ticking differently.

But to be ready for when the real estate buyer or seller is too, means you are on. When everything lines up. The show is just starting, available when they are.

Today, next month, six barnyard farm animals photoyears from now, your real estate agency, you as the agent, broker, REALTOR are open for business. Think of the "just browsing" real estate buyer as inching closer, working a bit, piece at a time toward the purchase. Chewing on it.

Just toying with it, talking, thinking about buying or selling real estate. That's all, enough for now.

Or the seller who calls, emails or visits but is not listing today as serious. Just careful or distracted and just not quite ready. He is not making your job hard by trying to tease and put off doing business.

That buyer or seller is not wasting your time. Eventually most of them are going to need your real estate services. Just maybe not this very second, not today.

Give both the real estate buyer and seller, your customers and clients time to be ready to need your services beyond the "just looking" stage.

Be open for business, helpful in any way you can and take all the real estate buyers and sellers seriously any moment of any day.

Like the Hard Rock says, has for a motto, "love all, serve all". Let 'em into your online viritual, actual real estate office. To see what you have, ask questions without any pressure, any regrets they contacted you even if not ready to buy, sell real estate today.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 14 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • March 30 2014 03:37AM


Thanks for the mention Andy, greatly appreciated.  Customers/clients need space, they need time to look and weed out what is right for them and what is wrong.  Provide them with the information they need, refrain from high pressure and the rest usually falls into place.

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) over 6 years ago

Roger ... You are welcome. Great point to make because you do see the agent, broker who says don't waste my time. I only work with folks ready to buy today. It takes time to make a customer and the trust to build. The saleman that says I know just what you want when you just entered the store or called, emailed, makes me shake my head. I don't even know what I want when I sit down and open the menu so to speak... it takes time to decide what, when, how, why and where to buy, sell in real estate. Less salesman, more make a match where the goods or services sell themselves. Because they work for the application.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) over 6 years ago

Good point Andrew and nice of you to mention Roger.

Have a great day my friends.

Posted by Noah Seidenberg, Chicagoland and Suburbs (800) 858-7917 (Coldwell Banker) over 6 years ago

Hi pressure sales is not something that works. I recently won two clients because a local builder/subdivision liked that mentality. The clients fled and found me. We will be going to contract on another deal shortly and i am still working with the other clients that will return in May to purchase during the summer. Scaring off clients is easy so knowing how to work well and read clients is huge in sales.

Posted by Janis Borgueta, LIC RE Salesperson (Key Properties of the Hudson Valley ) over 6 years ago

garaughty, abstract art, graphic design, WordPress consultant

Posted by marti garaughty, a highly caffeinated creative type... ( over 6 years ago

Good Points! Thanks for the post and read, nice to know that we aren't the only ones who give their customers some breathing room.

Posted by Javier Olmedo (Keller Williams Coral Gables) over 6 years ago

Andrew, you make a very good point, no one likes to be rushed into making a buying decision, particularly in  a large purchase such as a house. 

Posted by Adrian Willanger, Profit from my two decades of experience (206 909-7536 over 6 years ago

Noah ... Roger is my buddy. Don't reblog, just tie in once in awhile with a link and then expand.

Janis ... You are lots cuter too than the guy with the steel toe boots that is pushey.

Marti ... Thanks for the stamp of approval!

Javier ... I don't like pressure, you don't either. Neither do buyers. They pull back and recoil the hard you twist that arm. Try the approach of listening, finding what they need, want, can afford and when, how. That match up sells itself. Works, fits the life puzzle.

Adrian ... Roger's idea... suggestion and just ran with it. Good reminder Roger. Visit his blog and leave your two cents.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) over 6 years ago

Andrew showing respect,realizing that everyone is proceeding at their own pace is so important.  You provide the information needed in your blog and videos so you don't have to intrude on those who need more time.

Posted by Jennifer Fivelsdal, Mid Hudson Valley real estate connection ( JFIVE Home Realty LLC | 845-758-6842|162 Deer Run Rd Red Hook NY 12571) over 6 years ago

Andrew- I so agree with you.  We all have different inner clocks, different goals, different needs.  If we are to be a successful at selling someone something, we first have to understand their needs, as well as their timetable. 

Posted by Kathy Streib, Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224 (Room Service Home Staging) over 6 years ago

Jennifer ... I love being told this is the way to whatever department, and then I'll be right over here. So I can focus totally on one by one seeing what there are for options. If you put all the info online, they do go at their own pace. And like the Ben and Jerry's ice cream or a bag of BBQ potato chips, put away.. come back to a lot. Your logs show you what is going on and from who, where.

Kathy ... We have obligations, distractions the other end could not possible know. Or adjust for. So "I'll just have the buffet" works best for the buyers, sellers, audience. See the audience, be in the audience more than the Captain Kirk big square swiveling chair. Or like a Greek God. Be small, humble, think customer.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) over 6 years ago

 Hello Andrew ... Great write and some very good points, love the farm photos to go along with your post!


Posted by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz over 6 years ago

Some very good points on salesmanship.

Posted by Chandler Real Estate Liz Harris, MBA, #ChandlerRealEstateAgent (Liz Harris Realty) over 6 years ago

VB ... All good things happen down on the Maine farm. The shadow of the mare with the colt drives home the point that parents are in lots of kid's lives in a good, positive way. Don't alienate Mama or Papa Bear (or Horse... you pick the analogy animal that works best.)

CRELH -MBA ... That's a mouthful. Alphabet soup to spoon and remember. Thank you for cruising, surfing in Liz.


Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) over 6 years ago

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