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Cedric Has Skills, Works In Customer Service At Verizon Wireless.

Customer service, everyone listing, peddling properties is in this sales arena has a part, role.

And the trick to make it helpful, full service special, memorable for the real estate buyers and counting your chickens in maine photosellers we work with daily. Year in and out.

So all the abbreviations, the behind the scenes layers of what needs to be done, when, by whom and why.

It is all about education, setting expectations.

Paying attention and actively listening, seeing the fast paced, changing options.

And not counting your chickens until they hatch.

Had a Droid phone that bit the dust.

Ridden way way too hard, put away wet for the one too many, the last time. Had to be taken out back and shot. The screen would not light up when the keyboard was slid out to hunt and peck. Because I have an unlimited cell phone bandwidth plan that is grandfathered in and a good deal to not let go of, replacement phones are on my dime.

tin can and string cell phone photoDid the research, ordered on online from a reputable dealer.

And voila, new phone just like the old one dirt cheap. To slide into the marketing utility belt holster.

Back in business as Cedric walks me through the steps to reactivate and switch over. Patient, funny, never rattled.

I told him you are good.

Could be the guy on the other end of the mic signal if the pilot and co pilot both died in flight on a L-1011, 757 big silver bird full of passengers.

None of ticket holders, travelers in first class or coach have wings, can fly either. And we are not over water, can not activate the rafts, flotation devices. No parachutes either. Better buckle up. Put that tray back into an upright position eh?

Cedric could calmly give you a crash course, no strike that. Bad choice of words. A careful rundown of the flight plan to get the plane landed.

Kept in one piece. To reduce it all down and give you just what you need to know to make it happen safely. If I raised my hand. Said I will give it a whirl. Go up front to try to help the all important search maine real estate listings phototouch down. Cedric quickly figuring out, knowing you or I may never have flown, sat in the cockpit before.

Played a couple video games with the simulator and that is what he has to work with and only so much time, fuel load to do it the deed. Perform the life and death, sink or swim important task.

No dress rehearsal and prime time live run Johnny One Time to get it right.  As he asks you what this gauge says, instructs where the landing gear lever is and when to activate it. The rudder, flaps position, get a little mention. Some press, a paragraph pr two of conversation about glide speed and stall.

Not giving too much information. Just answering the question you nervously posed. One at a time. Knowing based on the conversation so far what he is working with for talent. How much rope to let out without hanging the new from the audience pilot from back in coach, business class. The devil truly is in the details. We open doors, keep the sale moving to a safe conference room long table landing.

A coach, a teacher, partner, warm and friendly but still on the clock and trying to do what he does well.

But over and over with slight adjustments depending on the customer, the problem or kink in the hose. Knowing the product and idiosyncrasy of each walkie talkie, latest and greatest cell phone device. That is Cedric's all important skill, talent. Dealing with the public. The hot under the collar in a hurry types annoyed with this friggin' cell phone attitude. No problem. How can we help you today with a smile the other end of the smoke signal can hear, "see" in the voice tone, inflection, choice of words.

maine you tube video real estate logoSimple problem to address with the reprogramming a cell phone. But made me think about each and every real estate customer we are privileged, honored to serve. Do you sincerely let them know you care, are here to help? Do they sense that you like people? Want to serve them gladly?

Pleasant, efficient, seeing the best way to tackle the need custom made to the individual. You have to like, understand and want to help buyers and sellers in the highly emotional real estate list, twist and get me to the closing on time.

I live in Maine, you should too.

Two Real Estate Robots Talk, Share Notes, Horror Stories Video

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 3 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • December 21 2013 07:49AM


Good morning, Andy....our main role in real estate is one of customer it well and you'll be doing it for a long time....

Posted by Barbara Todaro, Marketing Agent for The Todaro Team (RE/MAX Executive Realty ) over 6 years ago

Andrew, good video, great topic.  We are in the customer service business.  We need to put ourselves in our "customers' shoes" to understand/comprehend their needs & wants.

Posted by Pat & Steve Pribisko (Keller Williams Greater Cleveland West) over 6 years ago

P and S... So true. We all need to get on the other side of the desk, other end of the phone and be the buyer, seller of real estate for the true perspective. Was it good for you, the experience applies all over the process and feedback that is weaved into the next presentation to keep improving. Streamlining.

MEMO: Videos With Poor Channel View Count, Like Anemic Websites ... They Are Usually Admired Only By The People Who Created Them. Paid For Them. That's The Potential Problem In All Marketing.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) over 6 years ago

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