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Filters, Strainers, Drains That Lose The Real Estate Natural Flavor.

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When you steam vegetables and want to keep the nutrients, the good stuff from going the drain, you don't want to over boil, strain or filter, lose the rich flavor.

With real estate blogging about the local community, the real estate listings and properties we peddle it's the same thing.

Grilling. Searing. Steaming. Baking.

Don't want to water down with bloated blah blah blah buzz words for seasoning to happen either.

So how to communicate, connect with the guy or gal out in the real estate audience? What's the recipe?

First you need lots of eye candy. Carefully prepared. Succulent, fresh, just picked imagery of area, property listings too.

Second, adding some creative captures where the photos, pictures are not picked too quickly. Vine ripened. Not plucked too early when green. And gassed to add color that is not natural, as vibrant before display. And your collection is not too predictable. Not like everyone else in the herd wearing the blue and gold "R". Takes a little more time, effort. Or becomes ho hum routine. Bordering on boring. Passion, fire in your belly when holding a camera gains attention. Does not waste time of the busy bee real estate buyer.

Third step of the flirting, building interest is adding rich, fertile copy. To expand information, knowledge base. Surround the houlton maine housings photosimagery like tilled, rock free farm soil.

No weeds, just feed. To create burning desire.

Fourth gig in the real estate marketing dance is wheeling in the heavy artillery.

The real estate video is what Gatling guns and breathes life into the sight and sound.

At 30 to 50 "pictures' per second. With natural sound turned on, tapped into from the GPS coordinates for show and tell video.

Lock and load. We have tone.

Shock and awe. Just so's you know.

That really expands and removes the distance, gap of where the property is.

To where the wannabee buyer hangs his hat. Or his mobile device if on the road like a gypsy, traveling.

Video is action, motion, life. Happening, now showing. PSSsst, whispering is talking. Hush. Getting into this. Video is not static, skimpy, limited. And the buyer is no longer outside looking in at a few images. Trying to build a puzzle with only one or two pieces. Not just reading some formatted paragraphs of font hunt and pecked. Attempting to read between the lines for the salt and pepper to glean more details. That may be sadly missing. Because not captured for catch and release. Or sheet no time spend on the "home work". Someone's staying after school and cleaning blackboards. Clapping erasers. Writing one thousand times "I will do a better job at marketing my real estate listings, my special area from now on."

Hear The Water, See The Maine Lake, Feel The Cool Granite, Smell The Crackling Wood Fire Property Video

Fifth element, not the movie but in real estate property listing, area community flavor retention for delivery online is abundance. Lots and lots of tasty, oozing, ooey gooey, drizzle sweet without the sour presentation. Over and over like a buffet line where everything is making you drool. The tray's too small. Where more and more is coming at the buyer of real estate in a good way.

Too much of a good thing is not a bad thing right?

maine lobster photosGive the real estate buyer from outside your zip code all the information they lack.

And deliver it to them packaged up carefully, neatly without spilling, wasting a drop of the flavor it starts out with.

That you dont want stripped, removed or reconstituted in any way.

Gurgling on the IV drip your online real estate buyer gently inserts himself. To plug in, refresh, get the fluids pumping.

For the download and instructions to keep it coming.

No air bubbles, gaps and sending only the good stuff. On life change real estate support.

Fresh, nothing filtered, strained out. So what they see, hear, feel, taste is the real deal.

Genuine not artificial. Complete A to Z. Cooked to perfection. Just the way they like it.

Nothing lost in transmission. And as you beam the online buyer of real estate to your hometown. Meeting he or her online way way before they ever even get close to your actual town line. Show them the local community events, the property listings dotting the landscape in it where they are now located. Maine, big state, I'm a big personal fan.

I'm Active Rain Blogger Andrew Mooers, ME REALTOR | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 1 commentAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • March 07 2013 07:03AM


good post. very clever in your presentation. I liked it. thank you.

Posted by Cliff Keith, Redwood City Real Estate (Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty) almost 8 years ago

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