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Leaning To Fly Without Wings, Swim Without Water, Doing Real Estate Video Without Edits.

Editing real estate videos and not uploading the galloping one long long take richter scale 8 virtual tours.

video color barsEditing and real estate video. Going together like peas and carrots as Forrest says. And did we pass along that Gump's mom was a REALTOR? But back to real estate videos and editing the loops, clips to make a better, worthwhile property buyer experience.

Video editing means you cut out the parts that don't contribute to the real estate virtual tour experience.

Like removing the fat around the juicy grilled just right sizzling steak.

Trimming out the wrinkles, wobbles, dips and dives and jitters. The tilts caused in the real estate video loop, clip property listing collection process.

Why folks don't edit is pretty obvious, not a mystery or secret.

A) Time to create a better on line experience not dedicated.

B) Santa did not bring the real estate agent or broker video editing software because they did not make the nice list. Again.

C) The agent or broker just likes to do hold the camera out high and go on and on about whatever comes to mind.

D) No listings of real estate to video, just selling other agent, broker's properties.

E) Can not see the huge benefit of local community videos to showcase the area to the never been here before in the big wild blue yonder real estate buying audience.

F) All the above.

Here a couple of real estate video scenarios that give the medium for peddling properties a black eye.

The real estate agent fires up the blinking red light on the way to the listing at 123 Morning Glory Circle. And for the next five minutes (AAAAaaargh) vertigo from houses on both sides of the agent's car blur by and it goes video icon chickleton and on. As this and that is talked about the community. Neighborhood deserves an appearance in the video, on the credits. But the home, house, whatever kind of real estate is the big star.

The real estate buyer figures five minutes on the ticker so settle in, get comfy. This real estate agent is going to really deliver and take me in, around, up and down thorough like a physical exam. The good kind that is a complete hokey pokey, shake down and really does its job.

But disappointment happens when five minutes waiting is wasted on just the dash board and what is happening out front of the bouncing car as the agent, if there is a sound track other than Kenny G, talks about nothing too memorable. Because too long a space to talk just about the area. And what is going to make the audio tract is not thought out first on the way to the listing.

Editing real estate video means you can have a few seconds of the approach. Partnered with dialog about why the property listing is some kind of peachy keen located. But what are you looking at from the front yard, back deck? The biggest complaint real estate buyers have in survey after survey is "show me the backyard, the space around the property and what I am looking at in all directions please". Give the buyer what they want. Or someone else in the market wearing the "R" will.

The Sizzle Of The Property Listings Is The Location It Is Some Kind Of Lucky To Be In | Showcase It With Video.

Editing video means you pull the property buyer through the listing.

Logically without spins, the need for Dramamine. Or needing something to hold on because the shots whirlpool round and round. Like having bed spins.

Roller coasting, up and down.

Way better for the viewer, listener if they don't cross the 180 axis because those videos just serve to disorient the real estate buyer big time.

Confusion is not your friend in the lead the buyer by the hand through the property process.

The real estate video shows at up to 60 "pictures" per second all the nooks and crannies of the property if you learn to edit.

To put the property puzzle pieces together. And the audio helps fill in what the video does not cover so completely for the sake of tick tick tick buyer's Mickey Mouse time piece.

The clod hopping up the front steps should be replaced with a short shot of the front door. The buyer realizes we're going in, the door's unlocked. Here we go and yes, they can leave their hush puppies on for the tour through the deep Saxony rich pile new carpet. Over the ceramic, hardwood and granite tile flooring where you here the agents foot steps. Click click of high heels which I don't wear.

Set shot of front door, stop. Inside front hall foyer. Stop. The pathway through the home, whichever door you decide is best to start the tour. Maybe you are in the backyard over looking the rolling lawn to the river, lake, or a jaw lowering, drop dead gorgeous view for the opening scene. Stop. Edit. Then come in on to the atrium door, slider  deck or patio to enter the real estate listing.

There is no right or wrong way to present the real estate property listing. But without edits, the way you do it can be long, tedious. To cause dozing off, death by Powerpoint type just slide presentations. Real video is not a rerun, rehash with motion of the same images you already made the buyer sit through either.

Real video with skillful snipping, pruning, edits equals happy buyer who gets to tour way way more properties, listings.

Making better informed decisions on what to buy, seeing everything that is out there in his or her price range.

No matter what time of night he or she decides to take five or six open house tours from the privacy of the living room. Wearing a bathrobe, with the cat in the lap and slurping a Mountain Dew while watching, listening, learning. About your unique local community, about the actual real estate listings with your color, font style sign speared in the lawn out front for all to see.

Real estate videos, like flying with wings, swimming with water, need to have edits carefully, surgically applied to create a worthwhile buyer experience that is memorable.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 5 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • January 13 2012 08:59AM


Andrew tons of awesome informaton in this post!  You just got my first suggest of the day my friend.

Posted by John McCormack, CRS, Honesty, Integrity, Results, Experienced. HIRE Me! (Albuquerque Homes Realty) over 8 years ago

John ... Thanks for hitting the button.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) over 8 years ago

Indeed, a lot of information! Hope this one gets featured! AND I hope you are staying warm up there!

Posted by Barbara-Jo Roberts Berberi, MA, PSA, TRC - Greater Clearwater Florida Residential Real Estate Professional, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Clearwater, Safety Harbor (Charles Rutenberg Realty) over 8 years ago

Thanks Barbara Jo.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) over 8 years ago

Andrew, I watched some of your videos and they are great.  They really make me think of you when I think of Maine. What do you suggest for editing?

Posted by Allison Bernard, Real Estate & Relocation Services 401-533-6916 (Keller Williams Central Rhode Island) over 6 years ago

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