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The Nursey Baby Monitor And Hidden Nanny Video Camera Pick Up The Real Estate Agents Conversation.

Not out in the open, or disclosed property listing real estate cameras, microphones on the premises. Maybe behind closed doors.

Buyers maine courthousewandering through a home, house that you have listed, and the conversations monitored completely during the real estate showing.

Would it be interesting to know what is being said while the owner, property seller is not in their own home.

Within ear shot, having a visual during the real estate showing?

Is it illegal eaves dropping, recording the events in your own home?

If the buyers, real estate agent or broker can't see or is aware of a blinking red light?

Capturing the whole event to review, listen and watch after dinner tonight.

On not so funny, "candid camera".  Or the new version of laughter, pointing while everyone shouts "You just got punked" during the set up all recorded on camera as new version reality television.

I used to be a news director of a Bangor Maine broadcast station. Had a procedure each and every time used before taping a conversation for a sound bite. The tape, hard drive recording made to refer to in writing an on broadcast towerair story.

Always asking if it is okay to record became habit, second nature. Like our day to day real estate calls where you are asked about recording for quality assurance.

Very rare to hear any one, especially a politician or business person getting some free press say "I wished, rather you wouldn't." While the recording is running to catch the "sure, it's okay" authorization, permission from the person being interviewed for on air broadcast.

The tape also worked well in case the story was challenged.

Because in the interviewee's own words for all to hear, review was an unedited, full recording to avoid any drama, law suit, challenges later.

To remove doubt anything was taken out of context or altered, edited in any way.

Your real estate fiduciary obligation to who you serve in the property listing, marketing, selling transaction. Ninety five percent of our sales are list them, sell them and you don't get in to the "my buyer", "my seller" talk like it is a court trial you represent them in.

But if you are professional, pointing out features, answering questions, is there anything on tape, on camera video replay that you should feel troubled about?

What you said, did not say, the tone all add up in communication that pleases, displeases in review.

A seller could challenge why did you say I do get water in the cellar and charges that will hurt the sale. Scare the real estate buyer away. But if you indicate, there are two sub pumps, the property does get water year bangor maine broadcastinground.

Not just during spring thaw, run off. And remind him about why there is a rust mark half way up the furnace metal cover because of the power outage when neither pump was working last year.

Don't keep that a secret, anything covered up because it is like shooting yourself in both feet if you do Mr Seller. And you the real estate agent, broker, REALTOR will have matching holes in your paws.

You wrap up the reasoning by pointing out a problem dealt with, known going in is a lot easier than after the sale and the real estate buyer is hopping mad.

Smoke coming out both ears.

Attorneys brought in to sable rattle. Write back and forth $125 a hour poison pen letters smelling litigation, court fees and billable hours. The buyer at that point can feel cheated, duped, taken advantage of and pretty much all around foolish.

Full disclosure, one detailed in writing that the seller agrees to, approves like a political disclaimer from a candidate going in to the presentation. That yours truely running for office whole heartedly agrees, approved lubec maine west quoddy lighthousethe following announcement, paid commercial.

Ending it or opening up the ad with a ear to ear, most sincere heart warming grin possible to get your vote.

There is a Maine court case on the docket now where the comments allegedly made during a Bangor real estate showing to a home buyer did not set well with the property owner.

The seller was represented by the real estate agent doing the walk through.

And who later listened in with the monitor, video camera recording all unknown to the agent or buyer that surveillance was under way during the house tour.

Sure puts a whole new spin on the seller, owner of the real estate being shown by you, other agents and left in the dark wondering how did it go. Watch the tape, judge for yourself on the reaction of the buyer who is well more honest, open, forth right when the owner is gone and talking pretty freely. Sometimes making comments about tacky this, why the owner did that along the way that the seller could take offense to, but part of the impression the property makes to the buyer.

But what the agent who represents the seller says. His or her approach, style, what they include, leave out from the walk through. Gives an entirely insider look at the process, the performance of the real estate agent who stays on board when the listing runs out or gets the boot. Recording everything for as we get asked a lot, quality assurance. Like a presidential debate, to review the "performance" and determine who's side if any the real estate agent(s) are on during the showing. Learn more about Maine.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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