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Cheap Maine Land For Sale, Owner Financed ME Property Acreages....Is That What You're After?

You are down country from Maine, out of state wanting a bunch of cheap land, a small or one big acreage of property of your own.

When you Google it, do the search as a buyer, a mild mannered, run of the mill real estate searcher, surfer is not going to pull any punches.

The search term for "cheap maine real estate" is more likely to be the words hunt and pecked, hammered out to tap in to the supply of property, the acreages maine cheap farm landplentiful in Maine. Aroostook County especially with eleven people per square mile is loaded with land.

Big pieces of Maine land, with special owner financing to avoid the bank over head charges, the higher rates of interest.

So as a Maine real estate broker, it took a few years to weave in to the property information, especially the blog title headline the word "cheap".

Cheap makes you think of a saloon girl, except Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke who I guess was the exception to the connotations of the label.

Cheap can make you think thrown together, flimsy, jerry rigged.

You'll be throwing it out as something worthless soon. Cheap can make you think of a car with way way too many miles that is like a dead horse to start with.

Bought cheap, but what did you really get and the fun starts when you start pouring in tons of money to try to prop it up, make it have value again.

But the word "cheap" that made buyers of a product start to question a purchase if that term came up in the past, is starting to be the end all.

More and more phone callers, emailers are asking, demanding cheap Maine real estate.

More when looking, search for property, for Maine real estate land or acreage is maine ice fishing snowsleddingwhere I am seeing the term come up.

Bigger, quantity of cheap Maine real estate seems to be the norm in the search for property rather than jut quality alone.

Maybe the quality part is already in the bag for Maine land when you decide you are going to buy some, need to own a chunk.

In Maine if the setting around the land you are considering buying has views without smoke stacks, just birds and crickets and Maine loons singing for sounds and often a river, stream, pond, lake or ocean frontage around that land.

It comes with the purchase, then the cheap Maine land really may have a small price tag hanging on it.

But the word cheap, the buyer and this ME real estate broker knows means only the price is low, attractive, okay, I'll just come out and say it "cheap".

The quality is not because the land is parked in Maine. So you know it has to be good if you want to do things with the land besides hold it as an investment you can touch, walk on and gain piece of mind over say throwing your currency dice or 401K in to stock options, certificates, shares of something traded on the exchanges.

So in the beginning it felt like swearing.

If I used the term cheap, which I was surrounded by Maine real estate buyers who did, it still made me think I was becoming a pirate.

Or like a Maine hunter without a shower, eating too many baked beans, using an outhouse in Maine and becoming a little savage, gamey maine land, farm tractorlike.

To utter, hear my own words or to say "Sure, we have lot of cheap Maine real estate, especially land in large acreages with owner financing that makes it cheap to buy, own" I thought of it as a marketing, salesman viloation of the code of ethics, rules of peddling property.

To have and present the perception of only selling quality properties, only Maine real estate with the highest reputation of only dealing in something of value, worth purchasing.

To use the word cheap, I felt like I was swearing, violating a marketing standard.

But even back in the 1980's when you could buy a Maine wood lot, have a lumberman mow down the trees and get back what you paid for the land in wood value alone, or from the timber stuppage. That cut over Maine land looked like a bomb hit. Like it had been napalmed.

Not only did wood skidders in Maine have a rodeo to scar the earth. To get the wood cut, twitched out with a skidder. But the little trees got run over, side swiped and the bark stripped off.

So not much left to regenerate after the timbering operation monitors were turned off.The white sheet pulled over the property.

Not just the over story of trees, the mature crowns removed to let the light in. It was like a nuclear blast maine flowers bumble beewithout the mushroom over head because suddenly there was light.

Intense, what happened here glare that hurt the eyes, and you could almost see the removed tree stumps smoking, like a Vietnam fire fight had hit like lightning, in savage horrific fashion here.

That land, the carcass of the woods operation was about the only use of the word cheap Maine real estate.

Financed with 100% mortgage by the owner because the buyer could not hurt the property. It was featureless. Still in a neat area of wildlife, crystal clean rivers, lakes nearby.

But the land itself had only size and attractive seller, owner financing doing thru it to fit in a Maine real estate buyer's budget.

That's the story on how I have learned to use the term cheap Maine real estate because more and more real estate buyers do.

You let them know because the days of clear cut woodlots in Maine are over. Carefully regulated by forest rangers, the bureau of conservation and neighboring property owners with eagle eyes, cell phones. To cue in state officials if the practice ever started again.

I let the Maine real estate buyer know I have lots of cheap Maine properties, but only the price is cheap. The quality shines thru because of where the real estate is. Maine, there is only one place like it.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 1 commentAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • May 27 2010 05:42AM


You are right when you say only the price is cheap

Maine is a beautiful place whether to live or visit

It seems the air changes the farther you go and the longer you stay

enjoy the day

Posted by Don MacLean, Realtor-Homes for Sale- Easton Mass (New England Real Estate Center Inc.) about 10 years ago

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