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Put Away Your Big Fat Juicy Carrot, Long Skinny Stick, Short Thin String.


No need to put on your best plaid sports jacket or splash on the Bay Rum after shave behind each ear.

Sure you are a real estate salesman. But "salesman", that combination of letters when you stop and think a moment, to ponder the term. What happens in the region between your ears? What does the mental projector spray on the back wall of your head? A person skilled in arm twisting, manipulation, spin? Being able to read you like a book, and with the skill of a seasoned politician make you do things beyond your will? Able to reach in and delicately duct tape the little resisting voice in your head to get what they want you to buy for a product or service? Look over your head? See any carrot swinging? "I don't think so" as Kevin would say.carrot bunch

     Crank your head around, give folks near and dear to you more credit than that. The smoke, glass and mirror carnival dog and pony show antics, huckstering do not cast a spell that works on many people these days. And the few in number poor souls that do get sucked in to your massive powers of persuasion...well that spell wears off long before the real estate closing. The sale derails.

     With 85% of folks surfing the web for knowledge, products, services, they no longer just follow blindly a paid spokesman on television. Nor do they just accept, believe everything they read either like earlier generations. In a time where the big juicy carrot dangled over lots of people. Tantalizingly from a long strick over head and hung deliciously from that short piece of string as they watched the circular living room black and white television. Read the local paper back when Elvis was gyrating as if something was locked in his shorts. Making him careen and croon in front of your disapproving parents. Dad scouring with his pipe, mom concerned too while pearl one, knit two-ing on your litte brother's new sweater.

     To me, a salesman is simply well versed, backywards, forwards, sideways, front to center on his product or service. He read the book several times. Sat through the movie on more than a handful of occasions. Kept up with the many, fast changes in his industry. He pays attention with no distractions, none of his own dangling carrots to follow or mislead him either. And the consummate "salesman's salesman" eats, breathes, thinks that product or service 24/7. As if he was training for the Olympics every four years of his career. Sees himself on one of the highest steps at the podium on the stage while the National Anthem plays, the crowd roars and the tears of joy flow.

This saleman considers a particular three words taboo. "I don't know" is rarely heard uttered from his lips.

     As he talks on the phone, taxes, details on the property rattled easily out of his mouth without a teleprompter. Specifics of bank financing, legal language needed to be wove in to the contract that gets faxed to the attorney are clearly, concisely brought up, discussed. Dealth with one by one like shooting bottles in a row with a twenty two at a local gravel pit. Not missing any of those bottles and done in sequence. Slick quick and efficiently. A laundry list of all the steps needed to get the property to closing. No gray areas, nothing fuzzy. Approached with a little humor, dash of personality. Tons of excitement for your buyer of the property shining thru as genuine empathy from your end. This guy, salesman likes people. Understands fears, emotions, mental criggers and what causes them with the skill of a Dr Phil. But with the tough love of a Judge Judy. Not anyone's fool or push over either. A little red hen that avoids drama, gets the job done. He's highly focused. The property the buyer wants, that matches his needs because it all started with sitting down, chewing the property fat. Examining the desires of the client and then going forth to fill the need with rolled up sleeves.

     ruby red slippersA salesman is a locator. Tracking listings with his inate mental GPS to search out, recover the property targets that come closest to the criteria list he collects, hammers out with the buyer. Or details the sale plan of attack all out marketing within the contingencies the seller sets forth at the owner's kitchen table listing signing. If a saleman finds what the buyer is looking for, the property sells itself. If he meets the seller's objectives, the owner John Hancock's the purchase and sales agreement and subsequent property deed. And will use this Johnny On The Spot salesman again and again.

     The salesman finds the listing at the end of the property rainbow, leads the buyer to it, gets his attention and asks "what about this one?"

     Or "how about over here..look at this place, this one. What do you like or not like?" On and on until like Goldilock's quest for the perfect porridge, "this one is just right!" while she feasts with a fat cheshire cat's smile and dangling her feet during her property trespass.  The real estate listing you lead the buyer to takes over from that point forward. Selling itself as did the glass slipper that fits. Works, completes the puzzle that only had one last hole to fill. And you did not need to click your ruby reds three times, whip out a carrot. Or put on your best plaid Herb Tarlick sports jacket, close your eyes or utter a thing to force it to happen.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 2 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • February 18 2010 08:33AM


Hi, Andy. this is a really good post, as all of yours are and I'm sorry to say, I'm not going to be able to contribute a worthy comment. Living as I do in a rural area...I'm just mesmerized by those red SHOES!!

Posted by Leslie Helm, Real Estate For Trail Riders (Tennessee Recreational Properties) over 10 years ago

You'd look good neck raining that horse around a barrel course with these on. Or red rhinestoned cowboy boots!

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) over 10 years ago

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