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"Ah Waitress...Pssst, Miss, This Is Not What I Ordered. No..This Is Not What I Wanted".


A real estate buyer from out of town casually calls, emails or even stops in on a visit to your area and agency's office.

This buyer intends to move to your area eventually. Or just wants a part time vacation property for those three day and week vacations to get away from the daily grind of his dog and pony show where ever he lives on the planet now. Not seeing what he wants today, or because he is just not ready to place a real order, he instead studies your property book "menu". You talk about this is good, or suggest that might work for his needs. Not going to have a sale today but he puts in an "order" for hospital real estate,iv email dripa selection of property with this, this and this for features, side dishes.

     And before  the buyer leaves, hangs up, signs off he outlines the property has to be in a circle this large from the hospital, schools, future place of employment, fish filled lakes, the golf course etc.

     And in this price range he stresses before looking up, closing the leather bound, plastic protected real estate menu.

Then he is gone. Back home but you have his email address and had promised to keep in touch. (Rolling out the slow drip real estate machine, attaching cables to your computer hard drive. Dialing in rate of property flow and scribbling a prescription order of what to put in the bag on the pole for the charge nurse to follow for this patient patient.)

     You head to your real estate kitchen to serve up some daily special samples of what is available today. Keep sending him smoke signals, new videos, morse code on new listings. Yours and other brokers injected in to the main line of his special IV tube. And in the process of delivering tiny sample size morsels in that drip campaign, you try to keep him concious, interested. Developing an appetite for when he is ready to sit up and try to eat a whole property meal.


But then something tragic happens to cause the monitors, sensors on his end to go off, loudly and in a Stephen King horror, sharp pain uncomfortable sort of way.

Did the charts, real estate RX clipboards get mixed up? Swapped? Dropped? The small guage plastic IV tube, bag on the pole has been replaced. The rate of flow is increased. What is put in the bag to keep up with the new flow rate in to the now larger garden hose duct taped taped to the victim, I mean real estate buyer also tampered with, altered. More properties that are further and further from the original request get put in to the system. Why? The thinking of if a little is good, a lot is better? To dazzle him with abundance? Just "send everything we have in every email, and send them often nurse" thinking?  Give him everything including the kitchen sink. Your slow drip ad campaign like Lenn Harley outlined in today's post suddenly has gone horrible wrong. Too much of the wrong thing. Maybe it is lacking software to fine tune. Or the time to hand pick and select each property transmission.

     The nice cordial visit in your office image is lost along with the new IV orders. Replaced with one of if that jerk sends me any more of this, this and this kind of listing I did not order, request, I am going to start my own reverse caustic "back at you, how do you like it" email campaign. I'll fix his little red wagon, show him what it feels like. Give him a taste of his own "medicine". What are you using for frequency and how fine tuned is the number and types of listings included in that "property drip per drop"? Are you giving the real estate buyer what he tolded he wanted? Or replacing it with something he did not order just to send something out of the kitchen, try to keep his attention? How big is your "drip" and what is in your "drop" in your real estate IV tube?

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 3 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • February 17 2010 08:38AM


I love your clever blog.... So true that "listening" to what the potential buyer is really saying and a few "did I get that right?" responses go a long way towards building client trust. Love your writing style!

Posted by Ellie Shorb, Realtor DC, MD & VA Luxury Home Expert (Compass Real Estate) over 10 years ago

You are one sharp cookie! This was a very clever post.

Posted by Kim Dove, Realtor - Jacksonville FL (Watson Realty Corp) over 10 years ago

Dr REALTOR sitting bedside and using the two ears God gave him and the buyer patiently talking in to his stethoscope to let him know where it hurts, where Dr R can help is the key. Listening, getting it crystal clear as the real estate buyer outlines the symptoms he has, the property medicine he thinks would make him better, happier, back on his feet. Too many brokers either don't listen, or think they know what the buyer wants when they just meant the couple. It is not what you think you would want to self is what the real estate buyer is crying out for in pain, and needing to make the property urge stuck deep down inside his gut to be satisfied and go away. Send the buyer the right stuff, what the pharmacy ordered stat. Otherwise it is like apply a band aid, make the patient with a gunshot wound swallow two aspirin and calling it "good enough". Fill the property plea, the patient has real estate fever and is burning up with desire to buy..from someone. Why not you getting way way larger market share of your local burg? Someone has to do it.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) over 10 years ago

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