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Alan Jackson Is Right..It's Okay To Be Little Bitty...Country Living Down Home Style.


Remember the Beverly Hill Billies..and how to a sophisicated Hollywood banker, to the neighbors of the estate, they all rolled their eyes in disgust?

maine farm sunset,winter horse photo Wondering where did these hay seeds come from? What turnip truck did they fall off?

     But through the course of the series, you see some of the city mouse/ country mouse rub off pretty equally toward both camps.

     Country living..the same basic, down home themes sung in Alan Jackson's hit song. Do you think you could live with the basics? Stripped away of the non-essentials like farmers are used to.

     Hard work, to be in the best physical shape of your life. Lazy not in your vocabulary.

     A year where if you broke even after tallying up the bills and meager income, then that was a good year. No steps backwards. This time. So you are happy to be able to farm again next spring. You heat with wood. Cut, split, and you deliver it to the woodshed. The whole family helps park it in the cellar. The entire family has chores, responsibilities. But gets to go swimming, explore the country side on a horse, go to the movies, play ball in the back field or huge front lawn. After chores are done. Not feeling picked on, or entitled. Not housing a silver spoon in their mouths or harboring envy, disrespect inside. Farming is humbling. And the weather can reverse the whole direction your thought you were heading. You learn to appreciate, look for the good in everything. To count your blessings.

Kids not handed twenty dollar bills on this farm. Not paid for everything they do either. They feel a big part of the family because they have a special place in it. Are needed, depended on and everyone has a role in this dirt based family on the farm. No trees that sprout and grow dollar bills on their own. The ipod is earned, waited for, dreamed about and when it is purchased, cared for with respect. Your kids learn the value of what exactly a dollar really is. Because it represents say almost two barrels of potatoes they had to pick to get one, to earn one. They remember for a lifetime the work involved to generate that dollar on the farm. Country, rural, back to nature so to speak. Agricultural based farmers like 96% of us were back in the early 1900's. The norm, the rule and how you and everyone else rolled in a small town far away from a commercial center. The bright lights, big city down the turnpike or interstate that it is a treat to visit.

      To know and help your neighbor. And the favor is returned..just with a call. Lots of bartering, no money exchanged and it would refused if you try. You "get back" with the other person that extends the good deed without fanfare or wanting anyone to know with a home made hot apple pie made from your orchard. Or by offering to sit with the kids so the couple can have a private, romantic night or weekend away from the chores of the farm. And you offer to feed the horses, cows, chickens. To grain and water the critters, look after the crops. Hold down the fort the expression I remember my dad saying when he was going to be away for a few days.

      Country living is not something you do in with sky scrapers in the view. The skies are star brilliant at night here in the country because no light pollution. You are in an area without tons of development. No traffic lights either. No traffic. No locked doors. Respect for others, for the environment that you are taught, learn about at an early age. The understanding of life, family, why you were put on earth. What skills you have, what ones you lack.

Raising a family to be accountable, responsible, to stand on their own two feet and do the right thing. Consequences with kids if they don't and practicing what you preach. Consistency.

Bean suppers at a local church for a cancer survivor to show the whole village is rooting for them, behind them and saying prayers of genuine concern. Fishing secret watering holes only a handful of people know about, or could get to with four wheeler or on foot.

     Being among wildlife..seeing deer in the backyard...the 200 acre backyard that butts up against other farms even bigger. Woods, rolling fields, a new explosion at sunset every night that you notice, appreciate, relish. Awareness of the fraility of life, but the importance to make it count. Not waste a drop, whine about this or that. Learning to take the ups and down in stride. Being glad to be where you live in the country, in rural America. Saving some of your everyday dollars from the family budget to squeeze in a Red Sox game and witness them beating the Yankees with a come from behind eighth inning. Or exposure to a Broadway musical from a volunteer fund raiser high school music trip. Or on a good farm year a family vacation to the coasts, or somewhere with white sand, lots of sunshine mid winter. But being glad to get back to the front porch, your country home just the same. Maine is like that. How big a piece do you want and when? Call me anytime or shoot off an email with questions, concerns, your budget and laundry list of what you do want, don't need in a property and we'll play property matchmaker. It's simple here. Not a lot of fanfare squabbling over money with low cost real estate. And an extra helping of home made elbow room. Get here quick as you can.

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Comment balloon 6 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • February 15 2010 04:32PM


Nice to know that there are still places like that around and people who have their priorities right.

Posted by Irene Tron over 10 years ago

Wow - you paint a wonderful picture of farm life. I know how hard my grandparents worked on their farm all their lives. And they always seemed so contented.

Posted by Joetta Fort, Independent Broker, Homes Denver to Boulder (The DiGiorgio Group) over 10 years ago


Sounds like a great life style.

Good luck and success.

Lou Ludwig

Posted by Lou Ludwig, Designations Earned CRB, CRS, CIPS, GRI, SRES, TRC (Ludwig & Associates) over 10 years ago

you always paint such a beautiful picture - and your photos - I have always loved them - this one is no exception - makes me want to move there

Posted by Thesa Chambers, Principal Broker - Licensed in Oregon (Fred Real Estate Group) over 10 years ago

Awesome post. My dad used to speed up when we got to within 20 miles of home and my mother would say "Lester, don't speed in front of the children" and my Dad would say, "mother, I can't help it... the horses can smell the hay in the barn". You are a wordsmith.


Posted by Steve and Jan Bachman, Realtors - Northern Virginia (RE/MAX Gateway, Reston, Herndon, Ashburn, Sterling, Fairfax ) over 10 years ago

I love this post.  Maine is my favorite place.

Thanks for this.


Posted by D B, e-PRO, Realtor - Bucks County PA - 610-952-3578 over 10 years ago

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