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Should I Be Doing Real Estate Video Question Asked Over And Over On Line.


Video is king and queen to showcase any piece of real estate you want to sell.

Hands down the hottest, maine farm, video real estatemost effective media in a real estate broker's tool box. And to use to put your local community "flavor", the sizzle of the steak so to speak on the map.

     Active Rain's Fred Light and I seem to "graze" at the same cyber diner forums. Follow some of the same blog posts. And repeatedly he and I read like this Blogtown post today. Often it is a debate of should I or shouldn't I. Answer. Yes you should. Long ago. Because now it is like you just dug out your ten speed, in the Lance Armstrong Tour De Video. And the rest of the pack is long gone, finishing up stage five. Dreaming of a yellow shirt.

      Your video on ramp to go main stream has gotten steeper since the original video hoopla news.  For starters, video is not a slide show that requires viewers to sit thru the same regurgitated images with a show tune in the back ground. Tunes you have to wonder where did that come from and what is the tie in? Better than dead air or no sound thinking? Audio should be a track with the broker's own words, his voice describing the property, the area. Providing a service mars hill mountain foilage,wind generatorsoriented aid. Inviting the viewer to call, click, visit with any questions. It should be captured at the property and is 40% of the video.

     For years all a real estate broker tapped in to were the buyer's eyeballs. Making him / her read copy, check out a series of skimpy, thrown together images. Good enough is not good enough any more.

If you have not noticed, the viewer you hold hostage, or try to, with a slide show of the same images they already suffered through, has other choices. They want video and are going to get it.

Tons of outlets for the information they want quickly, and not now. Right now.

     Faster, better, more thorough property information, imagery, copy, maps, and video that can pull it all together. My prediction, everything a broker does on line with be fed with a tube of video. Insert, sit back, watch, listen, "feel" the property described before your buyer. Like having your meal all prepared. The meat cut in to bite size pieces but all there. You can interact on screen and pull down this aerial map, push it away and enlarge the video feed or switch to another angle of the same property.

     The video technology has been there for a long time. But the average broker with a measuring wheel, maine canoer,me riverbrownie hawkeye camera and briefcase filled with listing / sale contracts has been dragging his/her feet. To make the leap over or at least to bridge the widening tech gap.  Youtube has been around quite awhile now. Three ex-employees of Pay Pal started it. Made it grow lightning fast because we live in a visual society.  Are hungry, thirsty, making this 87 million view video number one in 2009. Wouldn't you like a fraction, a sliver of that audience? You should already have it and be doing video.

     Forget the notion that it has to be a video along the par of a 40 million dollar Hollywood production. The real estate buyer is not tapping in to your video channel for chuckles, entertainment. They want information, maps weaved in to the real life video shot, edited, upload from the property they are considering. You are providing a service. Are not David Letterman, Jay Leno. You are a down to earth, hard working cub reporter. A video activated real broker doing your best to get them in, out, around a new property listing. To show them the area events. Your sellers expect this treatment too. And not just on your two highest priced listings.

     mooers realty video iconVideo is addictive for the buyer. Video works, engages them. Connects with the buyer on the other end of the wire. When you show them an easy 2 to 3 minute in a nut shell video that satisfies their decision to travel or not from four states away to do a real walk thru, or tramp that land, waterfront, business listing. You become a friend on this end. The first guy they meet at the town line, enhancing your brand and prospect capture, loyalty. Your videos make them feel they have already been here, were at your local canoe race, 4th of july parade, soap box derby race, etc.

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Comment balloon 9 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • February 11 2010 01:08PM


Andrew,  I agree that video is fantastic, but only if used correctly.  You need to get someone to watch it.  

If it is slow to load, you lose the potential viewer. If there is no great reason to view your video, you lose them.  If the video is too long, you lose them.  People like to surf the web quickly and you can't surf videos  -- you have to see a title, photo or written description to at least get your interest.  

I've seen far too many real estate agents that think that everyone will just automatically watch there video --  they have a lot of competition, last October, YouTube announced that they had over one billion views per day.

Posted by Gary Coles (International Referrals), Latin America Real Estate (Venture Realty International) almost 11 years ago

Good points! Youtube is the 800 pound gorilla with name people all know about but just like blog and social media outlets, there are a slew of video venues. You can embedded the video, attach it to videos, have tuturials on your site to explain this and that. Folks don't read manuals anymore..just show it to me.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) almost 11 years ago

Hi, Andy. I think you do a wonderful job of showcasing your listings. I am working with a Buyers Agent client who wants to relocate here to Jamestown, Tennessee from the Bangor area but she needs to sell her "camp," which is not far from you. Right now, it's listed with a friend of hers who is a realtor but I have convinced her that she needs to list with YOU. Can I send her to you as a referral?.

Posted by Leslie Helm, Real Estate For Trail Riders (Tennessee Recreational Properties) almost 11 years ago

Bring it on Leslie. Here is a splash on two places in Northport Maine, on Penboscot Bay.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) almost 11 years ago

Hmmm,  lots to consider Andrew.  I've been using the zoom in zoom out, play music slide shows.  The feed back from my sellers has been good , but I'm not sure if it's doing the job for buyers.  Time to experiment with video I think.


Posted by Bill Jones, Realtor (403-701-1739) Airdrie & Calgary Area Homes and Condos (Discovery Real Estate Ltd. - "Homes By Jones") almost 11 years ago

You sure are embracing the new technology.  I'm dabbling in it.  It takes up a lot of time though.

Posted by Georgie Hunter R(S) 58089, Maui Real Estate sales and lifestyle info (Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokers) almost 11 years ago

Bill ...make the leap. Think of you sitting in front of a tv watching a slide show of stills...and a music bed. Then someone replaces the radio song of Kenny G in the back ground with your voice saying the living room measures 25x14 with center working fireplace (that fire crackling, dancing in back ground and buyer says hey, this one is not a slide show which is all they are used to and moves to the edge of their couch) and the audio "feeds" them tid bits on the property, a little on what is only two blocks away.) That few minutes you have with the buyer is wasted with just slides, and the audio...well there is none really. The thought of throw in some tunes..something to avoid dead air is just wrong. And usually the tunes used are not matched so they work against the weak, iron poor slide show. Do video. Georgina, the back drop of Hawaii, waves on a green, aqua blue sandy white beach...a snippet in the video reminds us mainlanders exactly where the house on 123 Morning Glory Circle is.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) almost 11 years ago

Andrew drank the Kook Aid...  LOL

Seriously....  you need to understand HOW and WHY buyers view real estate video.

1)  The video is usually not the FIRST thing people see ... it's the LAST.  Buyers search the MLS based on price, #bedrooms, baths, etc.  They quickly glance at the photos.  They quickly read and translate the description into something that they can understand (note Realtors:  stop making up abbreviations!!!)  THEN... if they are interested, they watch the video.  If the photos and description don't hook them, they won't bother with the video.  It's the LAST thing they look at.  It's the final qualifier.  And they watch it from beginning to end.  Oftentimes, more than once.  Scrutinizing every single detail.... glancing across the street... checking out the closets in the hallway...  

2) Real estate video, for most people, is not entertainment.  It's NOT like watching the dog get drunk on a YouTube video.  It's more like watching a wedding video.  If it's not YOUR wedding (or your daughter's wedding), you probably will NOT watch much of it and it will probably NOT be interesting to you. It will be BORING. But if it's YOUR wedding - you will (and can) watch it over and over and over again.  ITS YOUR WEDDING!  If you're thinking of hiring that videographer for YOUR wedding, you will watch that video - because you have a vested interest in that how well the video is done.

If someone is seriously interested in PURCHASING a property, they WILL watch the video from beginning to end.  They WILL find it extraordinarily helpful. If they are interested in moving to a new neighborhood or purchasing a home in that neighborhood, they WILL watch a community video tour showing and explaining the lifestyle in that community.

When evaluating whether YOU think video works or not, try and look at it from the perspective of a person seriously considering PURCHASING that property or MOVING to that neighborhood, and I think you will easily see the value.  

And don't even start on the fact that it is THE single best listing tool in the real estate field today.  It is THE single best branding tool in real estate today.  It is the single most effective way to show your satisfied clients with REAL testimonials from REAL people, speaking from the heart. For those three reasons alone, video is tremendously effective. 

And if you choose to be IN the video - the one thing you will hear virtually every time:  "Clients met me for the first time and said they felt like they already knew me."  That alone is extremely powerful in the sales business.  If you can make people feel like they know and trust you... before they meet you....?  Then it's like putty in your hand....

But... as many people will enthusiastically tell you... it also helps sell houses!

One thing I've learned after doing this for 5 years....  you can't 'convince' Realtors as to the effectiveness of video.  Either they "get it" or you don't.  But once you do it, you're hooked because you can see (and hear) first hand the positive effects it has on your business and your sales.


Posted by Fred Light, Real Estate Video Tours for MA and NH (| Nashua Video Tours) almost 11 years ago

Fred thanks for stopping in my man. You make a good point..that it is like a wedding between you the realtor match maker and the buyer. You would want to watch your own wedding because you are in it. The "you're the guy in the video" when they meet you first hand or as you talk on the phone "I recognize your voice" helps them feel like you have already met. You have. The buyer watches more than one video before he leaves the real estate store. It may take a few years before he buys but he is doing his video "home" work and study on your area. Following you like a property voyeur.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) almost 11 years ago

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