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Ever Fire Up A Small Generator...And Then Listen To It Labor, Lights Dim As Devices Get Plugged In?


The strain, extra load on a generator comes from too many "calls" for power with this and that. You are the generator when you think about it.

Gas (food) gets added and you keep trying to meet the demands of everything plugged in. Only so many outlets, just so much power. It can go black if the load exceeds the your generating capacity.  So pull out all the plugs, start fresh. If you live in an area where your personal safety, for you and your family is a constant concern, drain. In Maine, that is one plug outlet you can free up, pull, use for something else.

     Maine is the 4th lowest crime state. Aroostook County where I live, in Northern Maine is half that state average. Our front doors are "locked" with high security bread knives...merely to keep the wind from blowing them open. If where you live now, you have a huge multi digit first, second and third mortgage to keep your head above water, if you sold out, moved to Maine, you could live in many cases with no mortgage. Plenty of low cost real estate, properties you can select from, be super happy with. There are happy me beach kids,maine childrentwo more freed up outlets on your personal generator.

     The stress of traffic, the cost of living with higher insurances and you racing thru drive thrus nickels and dimes you.

     At the end of the year when you sit down for taxes, you know you make a big chunk of change and hope your job lasts.


But you have a bare spot on the side of your head from repeated stratching hard to figure out where all the money goes. It's not like that in Maine. I think we are happier because life is so much simpler.

    Spending lots of money to impress someone does not happen. Making lots of money to make ends meet is not the goal. Our overhead is way way lower. We are very self sufficient, do it yourselvers. We help each other out like the old barn raising days of early farming. This weekend at your place, next week at mine. Free labor. Family values, time to be at home, puttering on lots of land surrounding your country home is what we do with our extra time. We can see the star filled sky brilliantly each light pollution. We can think...with eleven people per square mile, there is not the traffic, pollution, smog. Crystal clean unpopulated lakes with just you and the wildlife! Our kids have our time, we pass on family traditions. Three generations talk on front open summer porches or lakeside with a fire crackling, loons singing under a moon lit sky.

Our kids have a sense of where they came from, know the history, are grounded. We are not run ragged. Enjoy life day to day. Not just hoping to live long enough for a retirement someday to do all the things not getting done from our personal bucket list. Folks that are overwhelmed, that have too many outlets crying for power from their personal generators are just waiting for a breakdown, power failure. Lighten the load. Look in to a move to Maine. See videos on what it is like to live here. To not need a generator. Breathe deep, fill your lungs with clean Maine air.

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