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A radio station, WLW in Cinncinatti was the one and only.

FCC licensed transmitter operator for 500,000radio tower, wlw watts. The signal size led to the slogan WLW radio station officials could back up as "The Nation's Station". Broadcasting on this level still happens but in a way way different way. Thanks to the internet the cerebral can opener has peeled opened a brand new channel...that is a growing retransmission with lots of internet nuclear power, the proportions of an old low tech audio/video feed channel. Simple, no moving parts or transitor communication like the telegraph, string and a can, smoke signals. Basic.


The one on one audience of two voice track used is couple guys talking on a diner stool. And you are interested in what they have to say. Those guys are honest, down to earth and you can learn something from them.

Comparing notes on what is messed up. What is good in their life. Lots of what they talk about involves a product, service or money being spent to fix something, supply or sustain the day to day. Subjects rambled, covered like a country western juke box selection. About making ends meet, keeping your head above water personal reality. The is the average Joe and Jane you and I want to connect with. There opinion counts.  Especially when what they are saying is hitting deep, something you relate to that bullets to the center of your bones in a nails on a blackboard sharp sort of way. So a grip with a boom, hovering, collecting, listening in with a high direction shot gun microphone hung vulture ready, pointed over those diner talkers. No act, they have no reason not to say it like it is, offer their two cents.

     Come home or don't. There is nothing in between type logic. Forums and blog posts like these answer questions, solve mysteries, save money, relieve stress. The conversations in threads of only one on one audiences watched, followed by millions. The surfer wanders, searches and now he finds himself in a room that feels like home. Where he gets answers to make decisions and where he shares what he did right, wrong about the subject everyone in the room is tackling but possessing different levels of expertise, talent. These folks thirsty and hungrily searching on line. Need something and know other surfers can provide it. Not an advertiser, politician or anyone in authority with anything to gain from the exercise. Your neighbor, your civic club member, an old classmate or a total stranger with no history but still a connection to listen to what he has to say. To prompt you to make a comment and add to the learning exercise.

     If real estate brokers want to truely know what buyers, sellers, the public want, ask them. Don't just think we know...ask them for complaints, constructive criticism not just remarks brokers want to hear. What do they want and what type of website works best, what they wish their broker would do but doesn't, etc. Put yourself on the other side of your desk this new real estate year. Look at the broker on the other side of that desk as a buyer. What you would want, how you would get it. And turn up the volume and tackle satifying that appetite. Because not everyone is doing it when you study the property information, images, videos, blog posts we put on line. And once you beef up what you are selling you are ready for how far reaching the exposure is. How much is missing to making your signal a half million watts or more and why?

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Comment balloon 1 commentAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • December 27 2009 03:58PM


Andrew Good points. Too often the average Joe is not asked for their opinion. In making the rounds in my hoemtown I make it a point to ask business owners what they think. Overhearing conversations in diners, barber shops, and beauty salons is a candid look or listen to what is going on.
Posted by Allison Stewart, St. Cloud Fl Realtor, Osceola County Real Estate 407-616-9904 (St.Cloud Homes ) over 10 years ago

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