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When You List, Market, Sell ME Real Estate, It's Full Tilt, Wide Open Energy All The Time Right?

     Being productive, not wasting time, having lots of sales. Popeye cranked open a spinach can to get his burst of energy to save Olive Oil when she got in a fix. Superman avoided Kryptonite to assure a good day. Keeping it all in balance is the key with physical excercise that a rural broker gets plenty of walking woodlots, back forty acres fields on farms and up/down of apartment house steps, into home cellars, etc. There are only so many hours in a day and using those hours wisely, being aware of yak yak conversations that drain the hour glass sands takes awareness. If you wrote down what you did, how long it took and when you went over the norm, make a mental note to tighten the slack, the operation would run smoother.

     Insurance companies tell the guy who bangs out a dent how long that dent pulling is suppose to take, how long to prime and sand, how long to take painting and putting hardware back on the new parking lot cavity in your new car. Standardized, cut and dry. That's all they are going to pay unless you show them something underneath made it take longer, was not visible in the original damage estimate or intial eyeball of the job. With real estate, we are dealing with people not car doors. Delays when the place was not available to show as the owner who wanted to be there was not, for a half hour. Time tables not kept too and further delays with family crisis, closings that go over the planned time, weather caused set backs on the schedule. T

     The biggest time saver is asking questions and not learning thirty miles from the office as you are driving in the yard of a showing that the buyer admits his credit is shot, not even laughable...scary mixed up and dangerously marred. And the hope that the owner would move out and let them rent with option to buy for a year or two until they see if they like the place. Their credit will be not better in a year and will not mend itself in that year. Asking about financials, if they have to sell first all help determine how you use your time, and how much of it to apply to each situation. Also, calling ahead to make sure who you need to see if going to be there as you had discussed. People forget, get mixed up on days and have events come up that take them away from those appointments and a call, follow up email can reassure the trip here and there are worthwhile and production.

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