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"Can You Hold The Property, Can I Send Money To Take It Off The Market Until I Get There?"


Maine's a few clicks up the road from most places.

That's why you should keep your seller free to sell when asked the questions about holding the place. Don't prematurely tie him down so he can jump when the ready, willing and able buyer walks thru the door. Advising an owner of Maine real estate to just wait for the out of town buyer to show up who asks to have flying stuffed animalthe property taken off the market waiting a few months for him to get here is dangerous, crazy, not good business. He may never get here. He says he is too busy now to make the trip and how expensive it is. You tell him it's a major purchase, one worth making time for and to turn the inspection into a needed vacation to Maine, the way life should be. He may not find it's his cup of tea when he does arrive and you'll find him something that fits you tell him. It avoids the situation where another buyer who already saw it, walked thru it and around it and who is now ready to roll, is suddenly told nope, everything is on hold due to the HOLD sticker on the place.

     Even with big deposits contingent upon personal inspection, have the property ready for whoever is ready to dance now.

Ask the online, over the phone buyer if he has a brother, sister or another set of eyes he trusts that is not so busy and closer to come take that inspection walk for him.

But holding the property because the buyer is too busy to come is fool hardy. First options where the buyer wants the seller to not sell to anyone before letting him know is just as fool hardy. The buyer is too busy to come, but might drop everything if someone else was sniffing and getting ready to launch an offer he tells you.

     To let the second buyer ready to buy put on notice that there is a first option situation makes his eyebrows go up. He feels like he is being ambushed, in a box canyon when told someone else needs a phone call if Mr Second Buyer wants to purchase. It makes him feel "big waste of time" or "sounds like it is already sold". And then he moves on with "what else do you have..that is for sale and not tied up" line of questioning. Back to square one and he is not exactly feeling so hot about you if the word comes up late in the game and interest starts over the place on hold. Don't tie up your seller, keep it on the market, aggressively pushing it, showing it. Have it poised to sell to the buyer who is ready, that the timing is right for. Keep your seller free as a bird or the stuffed animal above to sell to whoever comes along, is ready to roll.

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