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You Were A Kid With 8 Basic Crayons, And Then Voila, You Get A Box Of 128...Whoa.


Simple is better. Less is more.

As a kid, you graduated from the standard set of 8 crayons to 8 pack crayola crayons,basic colorswork with to the more populated boxes of strange, exotic colors and tempting choices to reach for. The temptation was to use them all. There was a definite crayon honeymoon period. Take every single one for a test drive on every piece of coloring artwork put before you. Color freedom, the fence was open to leave the pasture, the barn yard, the coloring prison. You had the new coloring tools, use them you figured. No more limits like the standard 8 pack days. Sky's the limit, drunken sailor approach to eat, drink and color merrily. Eventually you did come down off the cloud nine coloring high. You settled in and realized just because you had a slew of choices, like easter basket straw green, or the blue sky over Montana in spring shades, you pick and choose to match the occasion, the coloring job.

     The same holds true with video editing software and when you graduate from the basic windows movie maker program loaded deep inside most computers. But just because you can use more options, don't. Pace yourself.

In the effort to look more slick, professional and stand out above the other 8 crayon real estate brokers, the reverse happens with "kid in a candy store video" or worse, the dirty, ugly "ss word"... slide shows with a zillion bizarre transitions. It becomes the sugar talking.

It creates a botched mongrel video or even worse, a slide show with herky jerky, roller coaster fireworks mess. No continuity, just a hard to digest everything thrown into the pot experience. I watched what was touted as a brand new video from a respected cohort with the invitation to share what we thought. I can't directly. But for starters, video or a movie is just that. A continuous clip which is say 35 stills or frames per second that puts you at the property, with sound or open mic adding to the sensation, the experience. That's what I call video, a movie. The clips are in a logical succession, the direction of the pans is not suddenly reversed so the viewer becomes disoriented or vertigo sets in. It was filmed, shot, captured with the editing already going on in the head of the guy or gal that hit the record button on the video camera. It is not confusing. It is helpful, a mini movie that shows the property, the area or community it is in. It hits, feeds all five senses. The viewer is hooked, remembering it later because it is not surface gloss, but sinks in deeper. Harpoon instead of a pin prick reaction or recall. It's worthwhile to watch and the viewer will seek out other videos you do on real estate and community because they know what to expect, they get "fed". They don't go away hungry, or feeling nauseated. Real estate sellers starts to want the same property treatment and you puff up your real estate chest with the shirt pocket that has that 8 crayon pack tucked away inside. That's your secret weapon, your spinnach, your rabbit's foot luck charm.

     In the beginning a cartoon like story board outlines what the final production will or should look like. Then the camera is fired up. The edits are one or two kinds and that is the tone set for what is being put together into the movie, the video. Sophisticated software can offer hundreds of transitions and effect variables, tons of font sizes, types, colors. But remember the trusty 8 crayon package still in your shirt pocket. All too often the collection of "videos / movies clips" is really the same 25 still, flat static images caught in time from an enhanced site. But something perverse happens. The broker tries to breath life and motion into the Frankenstein-ed stills. They zombie into violent jerks, turbulent side way whips, laser out, seizure like spin in phantom movements. The fade in and out, stitched together train wreck of edits is  in no consistent fashion and at a pace not matched with the subject property. The end result is worse than the standard dog and pony slide show. It's like an Olympian that tries a difficult routine and fails miserably. An "A" for effort but "D-" for execution. The next athlete that does a flawless although less difficult routine gets to have a previous medal hung around his neck on the raised platform while his nation's flag and anthem are broadcast. You can earn the medal too, but with your standard 8 color crayon approach.

     Never forget that 8 crayon box in your shirt pocket or purse. Carry it with you like a heart patient does a small nitro bottle, a diabetic insulin, and a ready freddy Realtor a video camera.  Look at your new listing that you are going to create a video, a movie for. Consider if it is say a cottage on a lake, that earth tones are in order to give a feel of being on a pristine lake, with loons, sunsets, campfires, cook outs and kayaks. Don't use neon colors, use earth tones, the greens, the blues and somewhere tied into your mooers realty video icon,movie video real estatecompany brand on the ends. And have every video you do have a standard layout, template or feel. Standard look on your brand, but easy does it creativity on every particular listing. The  intro, extro and body are all tied together, reinforce and build a successful simple video / movie or one that does have the reverse sickening effect that makes the viewer, listener wonder, what the heck was that? Confusion does not help sell real estate or put your town/city or company on the map.  Wasting a customers time does not win a following, make the phone ring, or email in box to swell and ultimately sell real estate. Replace the eight standard colors loaded in the box from the factory if you must and load eight better suited ones in the same crayon box for each project. But keep it simple, under control. Resist with both feet selecting colors helter skelter from the large new box Santa put in your real estate stocking. 

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Comment balloon 4 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • April 15 2009 08:44AM


I like this -- I'll stick with the basic 8... it certainly makes sense.  Sometimes simple is the best.

Posted by Joan Whitebook, Consumer Focused Real Estate Services (BHG The Masiello Group) over 11 years ago

Hey Andrew:  I, like Joan before me, prefer the eight crayon approach.  For me, simple is better.  Getting back to that box of eight crayons, I never liked the WHITE one.  For me it was useless.  You could only use it on black construction paper, BY ITSELF.  No other colors could be effectively used along with it.  What's up with that, anyway?

Posted by Tom Boos, Providing the very best of service to Sellers and (Sine & Monaghan Realtors, Real Living) over 11 years ago

I can only work the simple things of technology. I try very hard to learn the basics and then move to new things. So the extras are not going to come usually. 8 colors are fine with me!

Posted by Karen Fiddler, Broker/Owner, Orange County & Lake Arrowhead, CA (949)510-2395 (Karen Parsons-Fiddler, Broker 949-510-2395) over 11 years ago

Andrew....simple points make the best advice.  I agree and Bigger is not always Better.

Posted by Libby Offnick, ABR, e-PRO, SPS (RE/MAX Executive Realty) over 11 years ago

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