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Farms For Sale In Maine | Homes With Agricultural Land.

Farms for sale in Maine, homes with agricultural land surrounding them.

Raising animals, growing food on your own farm is a strong desire with a lot of real estate buyers. Knowing where you food came from is piece of mind. Feeding others is a pretty neat profession too. Because if you run out of food, nothing else matters so much. No farmer, no food can be a sobering thought that stops conversation while you let the notion sink in. Putting the pasture or fertile field to work is hard work. No one will argue that point. Pass the corn on the cob please and here is a nice big baked potato coming at you in the heaping bowl extended with a barnyard farm table reach. Let's farm in maine photo

Growing, raising your own food on a farm in Maine property listing gets you outdoors.

Puts you in the best physical and mental shape possible.

But unknowns like the weather, the market for whatever you grow on the farm in Maine when you sell to cover your overhead bills on the spread.

Those two big concerns make the sport of farming in Maine a challenging endeavor.

Know any family members from your past who farmed? Visiting the homestead of gram or gramp who were farmings is something lots of real estate buyers remember. They don't forget the experience of country living and being well versed in how to DIY from mechanics to carpentry and everything in between. Besides just tilling the dirt, planting the seed and weed control, harvesting the foodstuffs. Or raising animals and learning about what trace element is in low supply exist on Maine farm land but that a mineral salt lick can fix. To avoid the set backs from mineral deficiencies. Healthy soil, animals does not just happen. It is part of the science of farming that is one of the oldest professionals.

In Maine there is a resurgence with micro farming and my state has four times the national average of new farming starts. The average USA age of 59 for farmers is coming down and less gray around the temples on area growers is happening in Maine agricultural circles.

Or is your idea of a home with agricultural land more the role of gentleman farmer?

blueberry farm in maine photoLess headaches on the farm. More time to hop the US border and vacation this close to Canada rather than doing chores.

Your real job or income from some other source and the farming is for pleasure, not your sole financial source. That relieves some of the pressure and removes stress renting out the farm fields to others who plant crops and tend them in a rotation year to year.

Or that pasture on your Maine farm land has cows, horses, sheep, whatever small critters you admire on the landscape that are there to enjoy but it's the farmer who leases the land's problem not yours. Maybe you want to horse around? Have a horse farm in Maine. Remember the fox likes chicken dinners. Your geese, hens, pigs, all count on you to care for them on the family farm in Maine. Are you in  the mood for a home with land? Farm listings for sale in ME video playlist.

Fixing fences, the tin roof on the machine shed or chicken house or cow shed is all part of what to do when you rise and shine tomorrow.

You can expect that and more on the to do list that is long when your home is surrounded by an agricultural enterprise. That often has lots of elements to keep it profitable and interesting. It is never a dull moment on the family farm in Maine!

If it rains, your day is not what you planned but working on machinery inside. You don't taker it off but shift gears to tackle another item or two on tbe list. To get as much done before nightfall as possible. You get up early living on a Maine farm. maine farm property photo

Fixing this, repairing that. Watering and feeding, maybe milking the dairy cows on the Maine family farm. Both my parents were raised on dairy farms in Maine.

Getting the hay cut and into the barn before those dark rain clouds open up and splash down on your handiwork out in the field. You are always thinking of ways to make the farm operation run smoother, more effiiciently.

The farm days are long, the outdoor and indoor work on a farm for sale in Maine seems to never end. But scenery, being aware of seasons changing, the wildlife that hangs out in your land. The views from it or waterfront fun, the recreational trails. What do you look for, what's the difference is Maine land soils? Like people, soils are different.

Ever pick potatoes on a Maine farm?

It's a valuable lesson teaching your kids work ethic. The lunch you eat on a potato barrel is more flavorful when you work up the appetite to snack on whatever Mom packed with love early this morning before you headed out to the field once the radio report signals farmer Brown or Smith is starting the farm harvest operations on time this morning.

Nothing like the farming way of life. It's not like Green Acres, the Hollywood farm parady of a city slicker who trades it all in for the country way of living. Hee Haw. maine farm field view photo

Who wants to farm, can I have a show of hands raised high for the count?

It's not for everyone but aren't you glad three times a day someone decided to farm whatever is before you?


If you keep up with the agricultural tasks, if you are not lazy and good with time management, farming in Maine can be the best experience ever for you and your family.

Everyone works together and has a role on the family farm for sale in Maine. I grew up on and own a family farm in Maine. Would love to help you find a patch of dirt, with or without the farm buildings and to get it financed, on its feet and highly productive. Are you ready to be the grower, the guy or gal or couple who takes over ownership of a farm for sale in Maine?

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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