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Pick Up Window, Real Estate Trays Served Here.

The drive through window for banking, for convenience items, for hot and ready food to go.

Real estate property listings should be served up quick and easy. To deliver the information using the eye candy, the video loops that capture the local sounds surrounding the current real estate listings for real estate graphic photo

But can you get home cooked, slow food not the hurry scurry Nascar quick like a bunny without the wait.

Because time is money, delay means you snooze, you lose and no one likes to miss a perfect property that could improve their life that is much more costly than two and a quarter books of green stamps.

The fly in at the right altitude, to slow down, adjust the air speed and lower the real estate fuel boom.

To have a property listing buyer nuzzle closer and hook up, start the download. Then shut off the fuel, pull up up and away to bank hard to the left or right to make room for others at the real estate trough. Herding in the masses and making sure no one feels cattle prodded or like a border collie named Lassie is nipping at their heels. To move in the desired direction for the eventual penned up in a corral.

you tube for real estate logoServing them up and having it your way efficiently but with retention to recall what properties have been filtered out, served up that are on today's market offering. Video for real estate for sale is one channel that does the heavy lifting oh oh so well.

Yeah I'm on vacation in Wells Beach Maine but at Mickey Dee's tapping into the wi-fi and thinking about how they move the product.

The concept is the same, time is a wasting and not to be spilled or wasted.  The creative approach and predictable nature of shaping what you do to match best with what the other end of the signal is picking up is a constant evolution or should be in real estate and local area marketing.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 6 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • August 23 2016 05:46AM
Pick Up Window, Real Estate Trays Served Here.
The drive through window for banking, for convenience items, for hot and ready food to go. Real estate property listings should be served up quick and easy. To deliver the information using the eye candy, the video loops that capture the local… more
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