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Your Waterfront Property In Maine | Can You Build A Boat House?


Questions about shoreland zoning in Maine, the do's and don'ts and avoiding tearing down what you put up you thought was an improvement at your waterfront property in Maine.

Can you put a boat house out front your future or present waterfront property listing in Maine?

If there is not one there to resurrect or build over from the grandfathered in, built before the shoreland zoning rules, no, no your can not hammer and nail and put up a boathouse in front of your waterfront property in Maine. To slide in and out on boathouse rails whatever sleek motorized boat dazzler you ply the waterways with at your waterfront property in Maine.

No motor, a kayak, canoe or sail boat works best. Is the much preferred, less damaging method of recreation if you polled the Maine lake loons, other furry and fish inhabitants around a waterfront property neighborhood. maine river waterfront property photo

What if you are very well connected, a big wheel, pretty important and flash the cash?

Maine does have a lot of well heeled socialites and politicians that have faired well out in the wild blue yonder for themselves.

Can a person go to the head of the line wherever they pass out permits for a boathouse to add to the enjoyment of say a lake cottage or home in Maine?

Nope. Your last name, size of your back account, width and depth of your investment portfolio matter now when we are talking shore land zoning in Maine.

Small rural towns that dot the Maine landscape are not over regulated and you don't find HOA (Home Owner Associations), the lawn police looking for infractions of grass height, etc. No one is pointing, wagging their finger about you can't have a pickup or service truck parked in your yard in some exclusive high end luxury housing development. maine woodlot land photo

But when it comes to anything tied to the fresh air, clean water and that threatens the natural resources in Maine, back off.

Mainers are very protective of what we know if rare. Unspoiled, pure waterfront resources.

We know that if a lake trout could talk it would gurgle "I hate lawns, weed and feed and crew cut, no trees around where I live."

They also would spout and sputter, spit about septic systems around Maine lakes.

Waste disposal around anything as pristine clean as a Maine lake is a heated discussion if you rub shoulders, chew the fat about what's what in that department.

Between a property owner on the Maine waterfront and the enforces of the shore land zoning rules. maine waterfront lake photo

Neighbors can become spies, the lake police too.

Camera video loops of the entire shoreline, the islands, the inlets and outlets of a Maine waterfront resource also get recorded then scrutinized to know what develops good or bad around a Maine lake.

Monitoring the water clarity, the search for mil foil, the lake temperature and what species of fish are doing well or not and why. It is all important!

Riparian buffers, protective measures to slow down racing water that carries silt and other contaminants into the drink are always the topic of the day in Maine.

Watershed happenings, a cutting operations miles from a Maine lake is on radar and all the locals are vigilante to protect what happens around a waterfront jewel. Because once it is gone, there is no coming back. Looking over your shoulder and suddenly realizing what have we done wrong is not going to help you sleep better nights.

More about managing, cutting your woodlot in Maine to protect that lake, river, whatever wet is affected by the job you do in a timber harvest.

Look at the sad state of affairs of lakes in populated areas, even in more congested southern Maine that is closer to the Boston market for waterfront property listing buyers hankering to get to cleaner, lower cost Maine. Read more, the full article on protecting Maine lakes, rivers, ponds and streams, the waterfront properties we are some kind of lucky to have, protect and enjoy.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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