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Homes For Sale With Land In Maine.

Homes for sale with land in Maine.

One hot topic that gets searched heavily in property listings available in Vacationland. The low cost real estate is a big attraction because of all the space around whatever you buy. Elbow room comes at a premium if at all in real estate where eight out of ten people are forced to live, in population centers. Maine is a rural state, more wildlife than people, just small towns, a handful of cities. home for sale with land in Maine on river photo

And when you have a property location with less people, the perks beyond low priced, cheap real estate is no traffic, no crime, no pollution, no HOA's or heavy duty zoning layers of players for regulation.

Maine is tough on the shore land zoning and protecting all this precious environment space we are blessed and enjoy year round.

The instinct built into every youngster in Maine is respect for the outdoors, to tread lightly, carry in and carry out.

To leave the real estate open land and wooded acreage on the water front in better shape than you received it. Good stewards of the land in Maine is taught to all the grasshoppers growing up in the Pine Tree State. 

So back to homes for sale with land in Maine.

So in your property listing search, how much land, how big a home, what special list of features are you talking today? Many real estate in Maine buyers scribble out, carry around the don't want, the gotta have lists with requirements for each and every property sale. The listings have to be on a dead end road, no neighbors in sight, a little water front would be nice, add in the view and the more the better for land in Maine wrapped about the homes for sale for the cherry on top.

So much of the requests over the phone, emails, texts, snail mails and lobby visits are for what is missing where the real estate buyer has lived for most of their life. Land, space, no people or kept at a reasonable distance so worry disappears and breathing easy, thinking clearly can happen. Not able to sleep nights, forgetting how to relax and the property purchasers have had it. Are throwing in the towel, leaving the city behind. Following the blue evacuation dots scattered like bread crumbs to connect while the getting is good. To slip away leaving the bright lights, big city in the rear view mirror.

Don't get me wrong. I like to visit cities, to travel and explore. But no way could live 24/7/365 in a city setting. It would suck the life out of me. maine land map

The urban real estate buyers don't like the worry about daily personal safety.  Always looking over their shoulder gets old, robs energy.  

They get used to but don't like living in fear, distrust, feeling lonely and all by yourself in the sea of nameless faces to maneuver around and avoid hitting.

Keeping your eyes peeled, low to the ground to avoid contact with your fellow man. 

Homes for sale with land in Maine.

How big a house, should it be yesteryear full of charm or modern efficient or a smidgen of each?

What's your pleasure, your lifestyle interests that the sticks and bricks should reflect and help foster total enjoyment from your housing experience?


Want a big barn, carriage house or machine shed for a shop?

To finally use in your retirement working on old cars, making furniture in the properly set up shop for all the tools you had stacked, racked in boxes but never with enough space to take out, set up and enjoy?

Or do you dream of horses, cows, sheep, goats and a pig or two? Are you thinking farmstead and growing your own food, raising your own meat, having a few chickens for fresh eggs and a lifestyle being self sufficient? Maybe living off grid on land in Maine

Or does the home for sale with land in Maine have to be parked with some water frontage connected to it in some form?

Nothing ever wrong with that situation, it's always good having a lake, river, pond or the ocean for a neighbor. Water front fixes everything and creates the play ground of recreational options along with the eye candy that soothes the soul as the four seasons change and you are one of the lucky ones. To have water front attached to your real estate property listings in Maine.maine land on the water front photo

Banks that sell the mortgage loans on the secondary market are not so cranked on lending to the Handy Man Special, the Mr Fixer Upper buyer of a Mainer farm home with land. 

Often owner financing Maine land help is needed to get that kind of real estate listing moving in the direction of a successful property closing.

The idea to work on a place as you go sounds reasonable, a practical approach to the property buyer willing to do the improvements along the way. To bring the real estate up to speed if it is drooping. Is a little lack luster and there are loose ends in places from the lack of money or sheer motivation to correct them or a little of both the property's problem. Or maybe just too old happened and it's a clear case of one of the three D's... death, disease, divorce that arrived right on schedule in the last owner's life.  

Homes for sale with land in Maine.

The longing for space, a ring of acreage surrounding the property. That space that could only be found if you live in a city by taking a vacation to Maine that is loaded with it. Or fed up, sick and tired of being sick and tired of all the people, buildings that cause the shadows and make it dark, cold, dreary. Not going to take it any more. Throwing in the towel of the barely hanging in maine with space photo

Of making due with a band aid like temporary remedy for a gunshot like approach to a very serious situation. Of just making due.

Having a big park in the center of the city and that's all she wrote for space rounded up and put all in one spot.

To try to get a small dose of daily personal mental health space... as long as you carry a fully charged taser, walk fast, don't enter them after dark because you value your life, your wallet. Use a dead bolt, have the sliding chain and surveilance cameras waiting to fiddle with back in your high rise apartment. The one where you pay for the coveted parking space in a garage quite a hike from where you live. In Maine we park vehicles with the key left inside, anything of value too. Not worried about will it be there the next day when we hop in an take a ride. 

Living without space does not do any one any good and ages a person prematurely. It is depressing. No gangs, no drive by shootings, and lots more that is healthy not hurtful. Maine is so so different, the way life should be everywhere but just isn't. MOOERS REALTY has your homes for sale with land in Maine

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Homes For Sale With Land In Maine.
Homes for sale with land in Maine. One hot topic that gets searched heavily in property listings available in Vacationland. The low cost real estate is a big attraction because of all the space around whatever you buy. Elbow room comes at a premium… more
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