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How Is Real Estate Effected As A Border Town In Maine?

Houlton Maine is parked smack dab on the US - Canadian International boundary border.houlton maine port of entry us border crossing

We have a big new shiny border crossing and Canada has the same just a little up the pike from Uncle Sam's port of entry.

When the loonie, toonie is hurting for buying horsepower, Americans flock to Canada to shop.

When the American dollar is weak in the knees, the Canadians do the same in this direction.

So how does the value of Maine real estate react to the rise and fall of the currency exchange rate?zamboni houlton maine ice rink photo

Depends on the business sector you are in but general the entire areas senses the missing, or reduced Canadian traffic.

In the trickle down economy any small Maine town feels in the circulation of dollars of any kind. 

The parking lots at the big box stores seem lonely, extra spacious.

Less flow of cash into the local small Maine town economy means everyone on this side of the International border tightens the belt a notch or two.

maine tourism buttonThe Canadian and Maine youth ice hockey teams still take turns on each home arena's polished sheet of ice. That cross border traffic  back and forth helps with fill ups of cash, the kids gotta eat ritual. That causes digging deep in the pocket routine depending on the side of the border you happen to be.

But like a teeter totter, the red rover red rover send those strong American dollars over is happening. The pull of the tractor beam. The Canadian marketing luring like the Sirens off the coast into the ears of lashed to the mast, struggling sailors with improper thoughts. To shop til your houlton maine port of entry us border crossing photodrop. Eat, drink and be merry. Because tomorrow the exchange rate is back to normal and gas prices for the fill up head north.

Don't miss out on the blue light special bargains like a Black Friday, Cyber Monday that don't happen every day.

That's what they say over there. Over home.

Honored to be allowed into the "Canada Eh? " group on Active Rain.

Even though I am over here in Maine. The administrator said close enough. Let him in. What the heck. Just told me to behave yourself eh?

There is more to the port of entry, can I see your passport, where you going, where you from question answering story.

Beyond just what you buy or can get a good deal on over in the gateway to the Atlantic Canadian provinces. Read full article on Being A Maine Border Town With Canada Has Its Perks.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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