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Log Lake Homes On Maine Lake | VIDEO - 803 Chadwick Point, East Grand!

Over the years you have vacationed in Maine, spent a week if lucky on a lake, maybe the ocean.

Pass the lobster, please. And deep down, the take away from those neat memories with family was "I gotta someday get a Maine waterfront property".maine lake property aerial map

Yesterday has come and gone.

Thining sadly of the deals on properties for sale in Maine, on the waterfront that have come, disappeared?

Time goes by and maybe you find yourself now in a way way better position to pull off the blue and green dream.

Waterfront properties in Maine, want one?

Without looking down through the property listings menu, when asking what's good here may I offer a waterfront suggestion?

For fun, unlimited Maine recreational water, not just the eight glasses a day the doctor keeps harping on when you hop up on the paper towel covered leather exam maine log lake home photobench.

Consider 803 Chadwick (Davenport) Point, East Grand Lake, Weston Maine.

The real deal, a one owner cedar log home cape on the Maine waterfront.

But no little puddle or diny pond.

No sir. Not with the Maine listing.

This is Maine's top three largest waterfront playgrounds for four season rest and relaxation. When you need to unplug and recharge on a Maine lake.

Watch The Video, Hop In The Jeep, We're Going Into 803 Chadwick (Davenport) Point East Grand Lake, Weston Maine For The Once Over. Rewind, Re-Sneak A Peek.

You get 165' of East Grand Lake frontage on the west side where sunrises happen. Day's start. But hold up there, Meow. More frontage with a deeded right of way to another dock, boat launch on the calmer east side of Chadwick Point, in Davenport Cove.

If you have ever spent time on a point, out on a peninsula, it is the closest feeling of being on an island possible.maine lake home photo

By yourself, surrounded by water.

Out on the water, not just looking at it.

So, hardwood floors, comes furnished including never use Beauty Rest mattress beds, a Vermont Castings Vigilante wood heater on a brick hearth.

And Maine log lake home.

Sporting an  open porch, 3 bedrooms, tiled bath, cedar cabinet kitchen.

And a catwalk over the cathedral living area.

So waterfront properties in Maine, you ready for the eenie meenie miney moe? Or just browsing, filled with questions? Don't swallow them, ask away. Not just about Maine real estate property listings, but local area community ones too.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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