Maine Real Estate For Sale !


You Mean All Maine Real Estate Buyers Don't View Property The Same?

A new property listing, Maine real estate offering hops up onto the multiple listing service conveyor belt.

It's day to shine under the MLS sunshine. To begin the show and tell. Stretching it's legs. Picking up speed in getting the marketing exposure traction.

Well well well. What do I spy with my little eye.maine log home photo

In the what do we have here for all to see. Everyone gets the same impression of the property listing for sale in Maine right?

Heck no. Make that a big HECK NO.

Because last check, there is a world of difference in the lens, filter, sorting out the sea of real estate listings for sale in Maine.

Coming at the property buyer like asteroids to react to. Avoid, or retro rocket in to get closer.

And hopeful reach out to connect.

On the ones that look good to them and are not overloaded with way way too much wiggle room in the heft of the price tag department.

That knocks the Maine real estate buyer out of consideration because just too pricey. Nose bleed high.

Too rich for their blood. Left for the hoity toity, Grey Poupon buyer in the vast audience of real estate buyers. 

Or why this too good to be true real estate listing is so lower priced than all the others in the herd of MLS carousel round and round. Waiting for someone to claim them. Is they live, are parked on the edge of some far away property listing solar system.

But regardless of the thought process, the goal is to give the buyer a buffet spread that is neat, sweet,  complete. For their own speed, processing in the eenie meenie miney moe. The mirror mirror on the wall for the fairest, best in all the land.

Hot, fresh, steaming and available round the clock for seconds, thirds, more heaping helpings of the i love maine button good stuff. To return to when the buyer has more time. To snack, munch on if they can stop thinking about it. 

Marketing for real estate listings for sale.

To cause interest to lead to desire and then a little action. To ask more questions about if anything is murky, vague. Just not crystal clear to the other end of the real estate listing for sale signal connection.

Read full article on what happens behind the scenes in the real estate selection process.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 11 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • August 19 2014 06:14AM
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