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The Long Time Real Estate Experienced Friend Puts A Bee In The Bonnet.

The seller is concerned because this Maine real estate sale is dragging on and on.

And her life long friend who was a part time real estate agent back in the 1960's reminded her we don't even have a written contract, earnest money.maine wild lupines photo

"This is our seventh real estate sale, we have had.. bought and sold lots of homes."

"This is dragging, holding us up and I'm concerned. Not going like we want. We have lots of confidence in you and I have job offers."

"But am on hold. Can not take steps to have set dates, times that work best for me. To put our relocation into action. High gear. To firm up plans."

"This buyer, guy is not following the rules in this house sale in Maine."

"We've got to make house moving plans. Also, the rumor is going around the village, this Maine small town that the home is sold. And you know how rumors get started." (HINT: Sellers spread the word. Spill the we've got a buyer for our Maine home before we actually do beans.) "Maybe we've got to be a little more assertive. Thanks again, hope to talk to you soon. Bye".

The other side of the teeter totter, what is going on with the buyer for a Maine home that has loose ends down in Florida.

operating room photoThis buyer is interested in a particular Maine home. But credit issues are hurting getting bank financing. On his end where the loan processors are in another solar system. A disconnect happens unlike working with local lenders for bank financing in Maine.

Waiting on word too with retirement decisions paperwork, meetings, votes to be taken at his place of employment.

That all makes it like watching paint dry exciting, slow.

Making him dead in the water for buying a home in Maine, anywhere today. But we monitor, try to keep sales alive. To bring them back to life.

He won't sign the contract sent down to purchase the Maine home though. Until he knows he can follow through with a purchase. I buy into that thinking.

Jump in when you can buy, work to be ready to buy in the meantime if the timing is all wrong, off.

The Maine home real estate buyer's problems behind the scenes explained to the seller all the along the way.

So they are not in the dark. But sometimes the deal they thought they had, need, want is side tracked. Delayed. And even though the Maine home owner is not so excited, cranked about the delay for the buyer signing on the dotted line. They get it. Realize why this one buyer is not able to pull the trigger to be ready, willing, able to buy their home. Any home in Maine or elsewhere on the planet.

It's my job to point out that if this Maine home buyer can not pull off a sale, as disappointing as it may be. That it is one prospect we work with in sick bay toward changing that. To make a sale possible. But not with just one buyer for a Maine home at a time.

But multiple, many prospects kicking the tires in the marketing efforts. In the pick me pick me process. So like musical chairs, the fastest, one in the farm animals photoright place at the proper time to score a seat is yanked in. To cause a sale. SOLD sign rider to get screwed on with the butterfly bolt/nuts.

Juggling buyers, sellers, lawyers, bank underwriting needs in a Maine real estate deal.

Working to make those loose ends, any distractions getting in the way for the clear to close to sit down and sign some paperwork. Get to a Maine real estate closing on time. That's is just part of our job.

And relaying what is happening with each candidate for buying their Maine property listing.

Bringing everyone up to speed about the Maine bank mortgage lending process. And sometimes, let me talk to your friend that sold a couple properties back in the 1960's. A needed shout out we offer to do. Because they are out of the loop. Have the seller all twisted up in how come this, what about that. When the delicate surgery is going smoothly. In several operating theaters. Even though this outside source means well, they are not helping the frayed nerves situation building within the seller.

So whatever is missed in the translation in that "he said she said" is tackled. Nipped in the bud. To let the parties, any involved from the outside my direct conversations with buyers, sellers know hey. You're maine winter photoscaring, confusing the owner. When the buyer has to get ready to buy and is not ready. Not quite on track in this sale.

Every buyer and seller has other elements in their life that are going well or causing roller coasters of unknown worries.

So we tackle whatever emotional state we have in the situation at had. And adjust to what is needed to help remove the pressure where we can along the way.

We are people, not robots and sympathize with buyers, sellers that are not happy campers.

And do what we can within our power to help relieve some of the confusion when we can. Using lots of real estate candor . When explaining what each party has to do in the sit tight, we're doing everything humanly possible. To keep the sale alive, pull it all together.

Real estate buying, selling is emotional.

Lack of sleep, the heat, away from your mate, kids. Running out of money and being between a rock and a hard place situations all escalate the upside down situations. Feelings soar high and low in positive and not so pleasant ways in real estate transactions. Because divorce, foreclosure, estate settling of lost loved ones that put the family's hearts in a blender happen. Sensitivity, empathy, being an educator that sets the expectations. Explains the process during the bleeding. To stop it.

But melt downs still happen and Maine real estate counseling takes place.

The doctor is in. As long as it is needed until the property listing sells. And after the real estate sale to stay in touch. Help those situations that creep up where the buyer and seller still have a connection. Where you recommend mediate don't litigate. maine lake kayak photo

When one of the real estate parties thinks they were wronged when say the water heater springs a leak.

Three years later. And the buyer wants to know what the seller is going to do about the defect, break down.

That they must of known about and should have done something about years before the sale.

There is no right or wrong in how your buyer and seller of real estate listings in Maine, anywhere feels.

Feelings have no IQ though. Logic, explanation, intricate details as they happen live and in living color. Like the eye witness news, Johnny on the spot action cub reporter appears on the scene.

Holding the mic and reporter's top ring notebook in each hand.

Taking very good real estate notes, listening intently. So when someone asks where are we on this Maine real estate deal? The here is what has happen, needs to occur. Can all be easily explained. And the steps needed to get to the next connect the dots location for the real estate sale falls into place successfully.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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