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How Many Tradesmen Does It Take To Pull Off A Maine Real Estate Sale?

Like the blond or you pick the target of the brunt of a joke... how many real estate professionals does it take to make a real estate sale happen?

In markets with lots of zero place price tags, set the long conference closing table for a slew of professionals. That must be on board. To even think of having a slow, expensive, time consuming real estate closing. With all those opinions, extra eyeballs and justification acceptance or rejections gripes  involved. Needeing resolution.maine rural farm photo

In a small rural Maine real estate market that all goes away.

The HUD-1 is not line after line of pay this guy, cut that lady a check.

To provide a fee, a sliver of the real estate closing pie.

The real estate pie stays more intact, preserved, simple.

Because for starters no stagier called to get to the property stat. Because the colors scheme is all wrong, and it's time for the furniture balance and placement police to put the seller up against the wall.

For a thorough turn your head and cough physical to get this Home Ugly ship shape and presentable. For a fee. In another's opinion of where the home owner went so horrible wrong in feathering the nest for their family comfort, personal enjoyment.

Same with building inspectors on Maine real estate listings.

small maine town farmers market photoBecause in small rural markets, your buyer comes with an army of professionals. On board from the initial showing to the clear to close.

They stay involved to help with the move in after the handshakes at the paper signing. Of all those trees cut down, harvested. To produce the legal paperwork parchment and PDF's, exhibits, schedules.

The small Maine town real estate buyer is a tradesman, grew up building the family home, the neighbor's and his Uncle's too.

His cousin is an electrician, his brother is a plumber. And all are pretty savvy on being hands on with the Bob Vila tools.

Not just weekends for pleasure. But out of necessity in small rural areas where no one is flush with money. Pretty frugal and heavily invested in the building trades to make it happen from inside the family.

The bank for the home loan involved in the local, region. In the county and not a lender, lawyer that's a gypsy. And lots of the real estate listing sales involve no bank. Show me the money, cash and carry. No mortgage insurance, floods insurance.

All due to the low price tags hanging off the Maine properties. And it is not just house, home sales served up. But raw Maine land to develop slowly. Property acreage with a well and septic, driveway, power pole all in place to go go go build on slowly, with patience, take your time.

Getting a shell up and with family help, like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree making something special from what you can afford with plenty of blood, sweat and tears not money poured into the process.

No secondary mortgage market underwriter holding up the sale, everyone hostage. Sitting close, huddled together. On the floor in a small room. Unless these 27 bullet points are addressed from the appraisal. So the loan can be packaged to sell to investors God maine land photoknows where on the planet.

And lawyers, not going to have a Red Coat formation phalanx of them closing ranks. To orchestrate, make an expensive prolonged  production at a small Maine town real estate property closing.

Where a rent a cop is needed to provide crowd control, parking accommodations.

That all parade in to a standing room only closing. For the where's my check.

In the room next to the bank vault. Or the one with a wall full of bookcases floor to ceiling. Loaded with historic legal references to thumb through for another aspect of the law professional's billable hours work in the community.

No HOA hurdles to clear, no security worries in small rural real estate markets either. Maine is the fourth lowest crime state. Less people, less misdeeds, no gangs.

No one threatening legal action if you don't keep that lawn mowed to specs. The garage doors down and absolutely no service trucks in the yard. Ever. Or clothes hung on the line to dry Mister Man. And only three specific shades to paint your house. Exact tints subject for referral before dabbing the brush. And to be applied by only this small special insider list of service providers for a bloated fee.

The house that sits with only one space to park in the "front yard" and then it's out on the street for the rest of you hoodlums, guests. And why have side windows in the house because of zero lot lines? Unless you like studying the grain of the vinyl siding at the properties on three sides. That are all jammed up close and personal. Just a few sheets of paper thick between where I end and you begin neighbor. On what we pay dearly for property tax twice or more times a year. That is not Maine, where it is all about space.maine winter road photo

Every property listing in small Maine rural markets is low cost.

But heavy on the second, third and more helpings of Maine acreage that accompanies, companions each over sized piece of real estate.

Served up to the, come and get it, hungry public.

Too simple, archaic or just common sense and how could that ever work in a small rural market you say? You need to get to Maine, the way life should be everywhere.

Owner financing Maine real estate is happening all day long for the market place to serve itself too.  Custom, tailor made to the property listing sale situation. To avoid the layers, levels of what it takes to have a closing in other larger real estate market. What makes a small Maine town great?

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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