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Videos | Maine Property Listings Get Selected After The Area Picked.

You've never been to Maine, have heard some good things about the state.

But before the out of state buyer settles in on a property listing of any type, price range and location of real estate, something has to player

That relocating, retirement or investing in recreational not local buyer for Maine property. Needs, wants to know all about what is it like there. In your state, county, home town.

Can anyone show me around your home town?

Around the area. What's it look, sound like? They asked Chris Columbus the same twenty questions after hoisting the canvas. Taking long boat rides.

Where the property listings are located. What happens day to day for fun, for local community events? That area that surrounds the property listings.

Why should I buy there in Maine with the largest investment of hard earned dollars real estate takes bar none?

The stakes are big. The options of other places to select are large too. Lots of great areas of the country, the world, within your own state. Competing for the pick me, pick me please.

But the trick is to show and tell with local community videos why this area is best. So folks a few miles down the pike, many hours or time zones away don't have to wait to sneak a peek. Or end up saying guess not. Because no one did the Chamber of Commerce tour guide presentation. Rolled out the welcome wagon VIP red carpet.

Video delivers to the property buyer and takes away the delay, the need to make lots omooers realty video logof expensive trips.

All that time away from other things in their busy lives back home. Where they are packing for relocation, retirement. Somewhere. Going to invest, buy recreational properties on the waterfront. Someplace. Don't keep them in the dark about where you live, work, play. Introduce them to the area, some of the people with video.

Beam your real estate buyer to the local area with real live, full motion with natural sound video. Without Scotty's help energizing in the transporter room.

Expand your reach way way beyond local to increase your audience for property listings with local community video. Added one by one to your channel.

Local blogs with real estate slant help too. Blog posts with just local flavor and bag the real estate jargon. Let the property listings take a break. Cool your jets. Until okay. All in due time, the part in the script flickr logoarrives. Cues those listings, postings. It okay to come in now. You're on, up, it's your turn in the 5,6,7,8. After the area beat 1,2,3,4 lays down the bass line.

Leveling with here is what you get for an area. To enjoy all four seasons in Maine.

For the sportsmen, family, outdoor enthusiast. The eye candy of your image arrays, your photo spreads all add to your description copy and videos too.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 13 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • May 12 2014 07:32PM
Videos | Maine Property Listings Get Selected After The Area Picked.
You've never been to Maine, have heard some good things about the state. But before the out of state buyer settles in on a property listing of any type, price range and location of real estate, something has to happen. That relocating,… more
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