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Real Estate Listing Comes Into Inventory DOA. No Pulse, Needs Toe Tag.

Real estate listings, the seller wants to know how long is this going to take, the property for sale to sell?

Like an accident victim wheeled through double doors in an ER, some property listings you can not fix, repair, sell.

The real estate listings arrive dead on arrival.operating room photo

Too many complications. Pull up the white sheet, attach a toe tag.

The nose bleed high price set in concrete the biggest ailment, causing the bleed out of the new property listing. That quickly goes stale, grows inventory shelf mold.

The stubborn price rock solid locked in, welded tightly with a cold calmy death grip, hold on the property listing. Keeping it tethered, not able to breath on its own. On life support on the MLS paper towel covered gurney. The one squeaky wheeling in to the operating theatre for the what do we have here from the meat wagon?

Delivered, exposed, examined under the bright sterile lights. Hooked up to machines to begin making the transfer, transfusion of information from the MLS input console.

The fill in the blank on yes, no, maybe. Plugging lots of empty IV slow drip tubes into spaces on the number fields in the room, bath count. The square footage, etc answer holes tapped too.

With an owner muttering in the background "no sir, not one red cent lower on that property for sale maine end of day sunset photoprice. I mean it Buster. We're giving it away at that price."

Making the seller, property owner comfortable and taking pretty images, shooting video loops, creating rich narrative information copy.

With helpful links to aid the process of buying, selling real estate.

But ignoring one major elevated reading on the aluminum chart hanging on the bed frame down by their property's feet.

The property listing price is too high to ever sell. Hope of making it successfully in your lifetime, during your career to an actual real estate closing.

Let it go, to rest in peace.

Not continue to languish or suffer, or take up valuable conveyor space on the MLS flow of current property listing inventory. Causing high emotions, wasting money on appraisals that won't fly. Bank arrangers, all the other professionals who want to make clear to close loans. Not stamp red ink  "denied, rejected" on the top corner of the thick stack of paperwork.

Listings for sale taken knowing that it's a crap shoot. Hoping a miracle happens. Defying logic. Believing someone will come along quickly with a overflowing wheel barrel of money. To buy at five times the actual property value. Real estate buyers have brains that work. So do banks that make mortgages that are sane, realistic. Within carefully preset guidelines in underwriting the home loans on the availalble property listings.

Just say no. Use plenty of common sense real estate candor.

Read rest of full article on the ills, disease of taking overpriced real estate listings.

 I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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