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Tell Me A Maine Waterfront Property Listing Story... Okay, Love Too.

The real estate mission is to find a place, a Maine waterfront property listing where relaxing is a given.

For use part time until the retirement golden parachute is rip corded. You are in that plane overhead areas in Maine and just need a nudge off the ledge of that open side door. To know where to jump, when.

So tell me a story on why this is the area, why these are the Maine waterfront property listings to eyeball and seriously consider Mr Real Estate Broker. Low cost, lots of space around the real estate, unspoiled natural setting loaded with wildlife. Those are pretty good blue ribbon maine lake sunset photoreasons to circle the plane. Consider hopping out and drifting to Earth.

Over Aroostook County, Maine.

Often the story, tale of a property listing on the waterfront in Maine is the one the owners repeat.

Fondly remember memories as they sit with you. One by one recall. Repeat. Smile.

Because like them twenty years ago, you are in the same life groove.

Can see yourself in this picture on a Maine lake?

Enjoying the sunset. Stars overhead and an outdoor fire. A sunrise. And all the fun inbetween both ends of a day on the water up in northern New England. Where your family, friends visit you. Plenty of room for company. Park those extra camps on the extra parcel behind the lake place below.

The owner's of this log ranch on Brackett Lake, Weston Maine enjoy being twofers. Maine half the year on the lake, Florida the other half with sand, no snow shovel to neck rein around the drifts.

The 95 Brackett Lake Road, Weston Maine waterfront property is not near the lake. You feel more out on it because grandfathered in. So close and no way to duplicate this waterfront location on an empty, vacant Maine lake lot because of shoreland zoning rules, setbacks, regulations.

The Brackett Lake property listing is nestled in the Million Dollar View Region around Grand Lake, the state's top three biggest. Other lakes, waterfront playgrounds to sample like a well stocked buffet of fun around this three bedroom Maine lake vacation home.

Extra three lots across road to the rear and a garage on concrete foundation for your water toys, vehicle storage and puttering too with this Maine lake home.

You own the land on the Maine lake. Rent it out until you are ready to use full time. Put it to work to pay for itself. Same folks pay upfront for the same week and the no vacancy neon light snaps off. Goes dark. Happens quickly when you do rent a Maine lake home.

Listen to the sound of water lapping at the dock as the floating boats call your name. Saying let's go fishing, water skiing. Feel cooler hearing the gentle summer breeze in the trees. You and I are heading to the Maine lake, ready? Grab your swimsuit, flip flops, sun glasses, fishing rod.

Video of Maine Waterfront Home On Brackett Lake, Weston Maine.

The owner's like the concrete steps down into the water of the Maine lake. The gravel clean bottom swimming, views into Canada. The patio with picnic table for outside dining, the best seat in the place.

Has automatic oil heat furnace. A brick hearth wood stove warms your bones when you come in from fishing, the morning walk, four wheeling, snow sledding. When it is a rainy day at the Maine lake place and you have a good book you are nursing along, waiting for you.

Or a maybe spirited game of cribbage, crochet or horse shoes on the acre lot. Spending time on your knees i the vegetable or flower garden. Working together, turn up that music. As a meal to slice and dice and grill and chill is slowly prepared. No ones in a hurry at the Maine property listing on the waterfront. Or rack up the balls, break 'em on the maine real estate videosincluded pool table. That's your cue, a stick just handed to you.

Life on a Maine lake, the owners of this log home have enjoyed the stay.

But time to pass the keys, check out. Lots of stories of their two decades of experiences improving it to share with you too! Enjoying the surroundings of the Maine waterfront property listing now available for you to do the same.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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