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FYI Real Estate And Local Area Information Around The Community.

Tell me about your area around the properties, what do you know about the real estate listings?

Often it is as simple as draw me a picture, a mental one and what is the easiest, more memorablemaine moose groomer photo way to do that. To save time, money, frustration. Delay means you lose the opportunity to provide the service that leads to results. And real estate is a numbers game.

You want, need to satisfy completely lots of folks from the real life board game of list, twist, sell to get to the closing table. Or the real estate buyers get lost out in the willy wags. Stuck in the puckerbrush.

So back to the draw me a picture, which means give me visuals or show me the door.

So I can get beyond just the fast and furious MLS scrape. Of the strained, filtered broth not thick rich chowder of yes, no, maybe. The numbers fields in the same spot to make it simple to know where to look. But not always the full meal deal.

Because of the MLS remarks field to rise and shine, tell me how this one is different from all the rest. In two short sentences. And hope the images round out the transfer of information, hopefully an unbranded video of the place.

maine lake photoBut the local area information, where does the buyer from outside the area have to go to get that?

Like shopping, with little time on the Mickey Mouse they wear on the wrist, the real estate buyer wants it all under one roof.

And served up the way they process it best, so have a full array of the media streams armed, loaded, pins pulled to go off one by one in the sequence they tap tap.

The visual cookie jar of your Flickr and Pinterest accounts. Because a picture does have it's own economy.

Saves boatloads of time with its thousand word shine. As the real estate buyer scans, processes. On the back of the inside of their head the blank canvass takes shape quickly. With the natural reaction in live, living peacock feathers plume spread to smile or frown. maine lake ice hammock photo

I'm in or I'm out like a card game hand of high stakes life poker. To sniff, eyes go large or face winces and to back away, feel repelled. At whatever you bring to the pot luck supper of information transfer show and tell.

The real estate blog posts on other channels.

The video channel for local area community events.

And the sorted, playlists of real estate property listings in your area. To graze, glean and be up to speed in the FAQ, FYI on real estate and local area information too that makes your community unique.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 8 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • February 17 2014 04:07AM
FYI Real Estate And Local Area Information Around The Community.
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