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Hold Your House Horses, Before The Real Estate Dog And Pony Begins.

The decision to buy or sell real estate anywhere on the blue and green marble starts, ends with motivation.

maine lake sunset photo

Because the prettiest, most effective marketing of a property listing can be one big waste of time for all involved.

If when it comes right down to signing on the dotted line of a purchase and sale agreement, the seller or buyer does an about face.

Waves the white surrender Maine real estate flag. Heads out into the sunset.

Pivots in a 180 degree course direction. And either or both dig in their heels. Says guess not. Stop the sale, pull the plug. Do not allow the real estate sale to go forward.

Buyers and seller's remorse happens in real estate property sales. Where both sides of the listing teeter totter of buy and sell can have a radical change of heart.

When fear creeps in and the deep down in their gut.

The "what the heck am I doing buying or selling this property listing?" dread enters the picture.

(Record needle rips across vinyl, music stops, dead air happens.)

When the elderly Maine real estate home owner, seller that listed only to quiet his kids who think he should high tail it. That are way way out of state and worry about dear old Dad since Mom, his bride of sixty plus years passed away peacefully last fall. It would be easier for the kids if Dad was closer they all chimed in after the funeral. That's the best plan. And all united in the beating the drum to list it, sell it. Run away.

But dear old Dad's savvy reasoning is if I move to a brand new zip code and give up my cronies welcome to maine logodown at the club, coffee shop and say good bye to church members, my doctor, friendly neighbors, familiar surroundings, I am not going to be happy.

The place I feel is home to me is here in Maine. With or without Mom. Plus all these widows are ringing the front door bell. Dropping off tasty, steaming made with love casseroles. Other goodies to make sure I don't waste away to nothing for lack of good food.

Dad when a Maine real estate house sale becomes imminent has nightmares about "I am not going to be happy sitting around waiting for the kids to get home down country". Everyone at work. I don't know anyone except the dog Skippy. Whoop de do.

The sale of the Maine real estate, the move would make it easier, the kids happy to not have to travel for the family time together.

But not Gramps who does loves the grandchildren but you have removed everything else he knows as home sweet home at this maine real estate sold crystal ball photolate stage of the golden years. We warm up to change less and less the older we get right? Like familiar surroundings.

And the buyer of Maine real estate, when he, she have said "I do".

Until hello, look what just walked in the room. That new to the market house listing that just came online? Meow Mister Man.

(Loud wolf whistle.) Would you take a look at that new property that fits our needs completely. So much better than this one we thought was the best of the bunch.

Until this cream of the crop came along. Said move over to the pick of the pack property listings on the Maine real estate merry go around inventory we had to pick through, settle on as all there was to consider.

Like new pie, your favorite was just introduced that was missing on the MLS cake walk.

Parked to entice, tease, get you to say yes please. On the jewelers like spot light sparkling carousel to select from and satisfy an itch, craving you gravitate to like a Siren's song. Except no one lashed you to a mast to keep you focused on this property you already put under contract. And you, the seller, banker, lawyers, your family and friends, the real estate agent or broker all collectively thought you were buying.

Two Big Reasons Maine Real Estate Does Not Sell Video.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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