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Losing Air In The Leap From Listing, Marketing, Selling Real Estate.

All pumped up and ready to roll is how it all starts out in the real estate dog and pony.

But what happens along the way is like lots of individual players go to their knees. Not to pray. Meaning to be well intentioned. But helping a slow leak of information in the transfer to happen.

Hear it? Each took a turn. Letting air out of all four of the steel belted, raised letter marketing tires.maine screened open porch photo

Needed to swerve, maneuver, shimmy and shake.

Rock and roll on the twisting, up and down, side to side ride to the real estate closing trip.

You the agent, broker just sat with the owner of the home or whatever property listing taken. Took the tour, created the paper work for several hours too.

We need to talk about it away from the home. Out in the streets like Paul Revere on a mission.  What we have here is a failure to communicate. Like on an open front porch that is so valuable. Up closing and personal, intimate but on line for all to see, hear, take in and digest.

The conversation shared, the careful notes taken, does any of that make the leap to the marketing presentation? For online buyers of real estate to get a clear idea of what this property is all about. How it differs, is the same as the next one marched down the runway cakewalk. Important distinctions in this very expensive buy and sell transfer no?

If you are a real estate professional thinking we'll talk about that during the showing.

When the buyer actually darkens the door in the office lobby. Strike one in limiting the audience marketing potential reach for maine light house communications photomore prospects. Than one real estate buyer at a time.

You lost the folks that never get to see the online signal.

The flash of light, hearing the fog horn. The ones that smell the air, freeze the breeze.


In print Through the air, over the copper or fibre, tin can string.

In your imagery quantity and quality. Your marketing  video channel. It is worthwhile, fresh and helpful in your content, attitude and presentation everywhere you turn.

For lookie here. What you just listed and why it is exciting in it's own unique way.

Let me show you, tell you all about it. And do just that. Right now everytime for John, Jane, Suzie Q Real Estate Buyer.

It's not just friendly fire, shoot yourself in the foot property details happening. Sucked out in the leaking, deflating presentation that Swiss cheese of holes riddling it either.

The approach and how beyond the sticks and bricks details, the location excels because. The seller's attention to detail and willingness to finance or vacate quickly. Often all missed getting an honorable mention. In the write up or media stream presentation.

If you think of your real estate office as not fixed position.

Not limited to 9-5 Monday through Friday and that after cartoons Saturday you weave in a few real estate tasks. Maybe. But instead online is where it is at. You may doze, you never close online. For the show and tell that never ends.

If you see the buyer one by one out in the wild blue yonder, not home town boundaries containing them.

Your presentations would definitely involve daily real estate blogging . To expound on topics surrounding the process, not just the property for sale. You would have a video channel maine farm photobroadcasting uploads round the clock.

To put your home, lay of the land town on the map completely.

As the one place to stop and shop. To seriously consider living, working, playing, investing here.

Available, everything on the real estate menu is with no schedule limitations on your end.

Only the buyer can or does not make it. Get's distracted.

So no matter where Mickey's little or big hands happen to be for all to see. Shovel coal, splash AV gas, rocket fuel all over that real estate presentation online. Consider that your only hope, shot at face to face. As good as it gets so go get them.

To expose, blow wide open the just what do we have here for sale, to experience.

With genuine excitement. Full throttle passion. For a property listing new to the market. For let me show you one by one all the neat events in the local community that happen around it too. Because where it is, not just what it is rings the bell loudly. For the out of town buyer who is invited with a rolled out red carpet VIP treatment. Any time day or night. Every single one buffet spread hot and ready for the come and get it.

So you guide the website images that you shot, tweak and arrange. You the agent, broker write the copy to make sure nothing gets left out. Is in there like the spaghetti sauce ad promises and assures. Nothing lost in translation. Details, rich information for the transfer as one by one the platform round robin happens. Where you are the surgeon and not farming it out for another. You do the marketing 10 and 2. Or rut rho. Something missing in the TA DA Voila. Take your real estate vitamin V daily.

Why the fear of real estate video? 

The most misunderstood, neglected child in the entire real estate family bar none.maine welcome logo

Letting air out of the tires along the way in slowly sinking real estate marketing. The lack of excitement, passion in the "nice home, nice yard, nice area, be happy here" is a deadly sin.

Yeah right, see you at the closing soon with that ho mum approach. Your buyer is busy. Flits, does not stay standing, hand out waiting like a panhandle for more, any of your spare or loose change. How about that Payday  bar, something to eat man?

Like it is a bucket brigade of missed opportunities to communicate, make the connection.

Shots not taken, dates or dances not asked for, questions swallowed going unanswered. But needing to be let out into the bright sunshine, fresh air just the same. To let it all from A to Z hang out, be visible and not hidden.

To make, take the time. To pour from one container to another of the layers of players along the way. From listing a property to selling the real estate for sale. Sitting down at the closing for the pass the keys please. The stand up at the end and shake hands. Try to remember where you parked. And go list, market, sell real estate and do it again as Steely Dan croons.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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