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Lots Of Ways With Social Media To Explain Maine.

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I am one big fan of Maine and living here, exposing her natural drop dead gorgeous beauty is something that should not be kept a secret.

Hush hush, not talked about, shared.

If you do not like where you live, move to Maine.

Or play your cards close to the chest and move when the time is right. Because it's your life, you have choices, decisions to make. While that clock of life ticks ticks ticks and the sands shift. Drain from the top to the bottom of the hour glass. Like the one that terrified the little girl with ruby red slippers. That feisty, very verbal, small hyper dog. maine small town parade photo

Don't look back down the road. On the open porch of your rest home during another sunset killing time. Wondering when your meds are going to show up.

And hoping we have cream style corn, maybe pancakes, something easy, sweet to eat for supper.

And then say to your partner if lucky to still have one, leaning over, whispering. 

"Geesh Louise, we should have moved, relocated, retired in Maine. "

Too late for that. You are near the end of the movie where the credit's roll bottom to the top.

The theater's house lights dimmer cranks them up, brighter. Everyone puts on their coats.

And you are reminded to please put those empty cans and snack trash items in youtube video logothe appropriate canisters on the way out in the lobby. What makes Maine so different, one of a kind?

Not too many people. And the ones that live in the 108 small towns, only a handful of cities have a good stewardship approach to the natural resources.

Appreciate the four season beauty of the land, water, wildlife and tread lightly. Pass it down in as good or better shape than when the reins were handed over to you. For your care and welcome to maine photoattention, respect and gratitude.

For many it starts out owning a piece of Maine land, something low cost, alright, the "C" word, cheap.

And the desire to remove drama, noise, crime. The pushing and shoving that the urban concrete jungle hustle bustle comes with day in and out.

Where the life ride is a scary blur. Keep your hands inside the car at all times. Checking that safety bar.. did you actually hear it click tightly? Too much worrying. Fretting, hot under the collar and steam out the ears happening. Road rage. Fumbling for your taser. You did not leave it home behind those three dead bolts and the armed alarm did you? That's not living, that's not Maine. And what is the kick in the pants, the spark that drives the retire, move, relocate to Maine heart beat.

Discover what all the hub bub causing the I love mooersrealty flickr photo stream logoMaine lub dub lovey dovey is really all about. The stuff the tourist information brochure left out, did not have room for to share.

Come for a day, end up staying a life time. With no regrets and often the only complaint I hear is 'why did we wait so long Martha?" Maine, don't keep her waiting. Good luck trying to stay away. Once she locks on, grabs your heart. And you are powerless to her unfiltered, natural stunning charms. But don't care in the least. Give up freely any and all resistance. And just stop fighting it, the attraction she radiates. And go with flow.

Why I Am Moving To Maine Video

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Lots Of Ways With Social Media To Explain Maine.
I am one big fan of Maine and living here, exposing her natural drop dead gorgeous beauty is something that should not be kept a secret. Hush hush, not talked about, shared. If you do not like where you live, move to Maine. … more
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