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Everyone In A Small Maine Town Is In Customer Service, On Front Line.

Maine has 108 small towns and making each unique community a destination means all the local population is engaged with the customer service.

Old Yesteryear Maine Roadside Gas Station

On the front line of being local small town Maine tour guides. During the stop for gas, kid's bathroom break, drive stretch their legs time on the way through. At the check out. In line waiting to get back on the road. Getting peppered with questions on where's a good place to eat? Where can I get a room, cabin, lodging? Where is there to stay, which Maine motels, places to stay, spend the night... are pet friendly, allow Rover, Fido, Spot to spend the night inside too? Give them a reason, suggest some options that cause the traveller, vacationer to stick around a few days.

What do you guys and gals around this small Maine town have for activities, past times? 

What is there to do in Northern Maine for fun? Tell me about your People love to talk about the weather, climate in Maine.. How much snow do you get, do you have polar bears and igloos? Ah no. No we don't, that's Artic Circle talk.

Show Local Maine Traditions Using Community Videos.

With the Internet connecting all of us on the third rock from the Sun, telecommuting to a small Maine town came along just in time. Small town rural tourism in Maine is getting spotlighted, handed a bull horn and the message is being beamed, broadcast around the World. So speed of thought broadband connectivity in a Small rural Maine town Internet is the key to tourism, to telecommuting to work online. is crucial. Life and death, do or die. Like food, water and air important.

We have super Chamber of Commerce state, county and local folks working full time to get the word out. But... the credibility, honesty increases when someone not paid to promote an area is tapped on the shoulder. Asking a local person, employee, casual standing nearby individual in an informal setting anything about the community is more credible. Making a connection is what it is all about in marketing. Casual, no agenda or reason to spin. Nothing left out, straight from the horses mouth and heart from a native. Survey says (ding ding ding bell sound) from a local member of the small Maine community supplying the answers. Works best if he or she is well informed. In the know. And can offer helpful, worthwhile advice.

Friendly staffs at local Maine convenience and grocery stores, gas stations, places to stay and eat are key to the impression the traveling through tourist takes home with them.

How they remember the place, shapes what they tell their friends. And ultimately determines would they ever come back to the Maine small town or not? Or better yet, instead of just visiting, to consider relocation, a move to the small Maine town. Letting their family and freinds, co workers know this is the place to be. Because they liked what they saw, the people they met and the attitude, tone, reception, treatment they experienced while in a small Maine town.

Authentic experiences at the point, with perfect timing and needed when the traveller is all ears, looking for some helpful advice, guidance, direction. Powerful everyday situations that happen round the clock in a small Maine town. And not to be wasted. Every local member of a small Maine community has a vital part he or she plays to the overall town's success. Roll out the Maine red carpet rural tourism welcome mat. We all should be doing it daily. Show them one by one Maine images so the photos tell the thousand words, do all the talking.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 8 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • September 29 2013 06:11AM
Everyone In A Small Maine Town Is In Customer Service, On Front Line.
Maine has 108 small towns and making each unique community a destination means all the local population is engaged with the customer service. On the front line of being local small town Maine tour guides. During the stop for gas, kid's… more
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