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Creative But Illegal Ways To Speed Up The Tenant Evictions Process.

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The tenant, renter of the property listing is not paying their agreed upon lease amount. And frustration builds. Smoke starts to pour out the pair of ears of your property owner.

Who decides that's it. Had enough. Taking the law into their own hands without the posse and rope. Looking for a strong tree limb.

Two ways I have seen the process handled that is totally illegal but worked, effective for evictions, for lost rent collected suddenly.

First, the shop keeper's door is removed by the landlord, owner. Whoa. The tenants says hey, where are you going with my door?

The seller, property owner says you get the door back when I get the back rent check that does not bounce and you are paid up, in full. Okay.

Second situation, the tenant has been to court for the eviction that is being done through the proper legal steps and has seen this dog and pony process many times.

Knows more about his or her rights than the landlord, than most lawyers.

From experience. He has rights, he knows them and can recite the tenant landlord statutes from heart, verbatim.

Front to back and reversed versed in what the rental tenant landlord legislation made into the law of the land clearly allows and does not.

So rather than wait for the next court date which is months away and may be more if the judge takes a vacation or a bigger issue or trial surfaces needing attention, the landlord has an idea. Involving a chain saw. Started up in the kitchen of the house unit he is renting out but madder than a wet hen that he is not getting his monthly fee. And damage, abuse is happening at the unit he just spent hard earned dollars and hundreds of hours of his own late night and weekends to make spiffy clean and shiny.

The sound of a chain saw inside a home gets the kids upstair's attention. Everyone in the rental home comes running closer but just sneaks a peek. Peering maine real estate vending truck photoaround the kitchen from the dining room door frame. Lined up and with the slightly, choke on for the purpose carburetor adding to the blue smoke stick of everyone's eyes. The deafening sound echoing, reverberating inside the home's four walls. Whoa.

Like tear gas eye irritating thick, oily chain saw exhaust smoke, fumes. Except for the landlord's peepers who is wearing a gas mask. Who shuts off the saw and says "Look, we can work out this lack of back rent and get things back on track without the court system legal hassle, expense."

And then with a grin heads for the basement, the pull cord tugged on and the saw comes alive. And cuts into an electrical line.

The one for the kitchen lights, the refrigerator power.

Then kill the saw, silence happens. Pregnant pause. Then he says loudly "Oh oh, that's not good".

Bounding up the cellar stairs to assure the kitchen stunned renters that are wide eyed and breathing hard that it's okay.

"I'll be back with some electrical line, wire nuts, a junction box in a couple hours." Not to worry.

And how he's thinking about a skylight opening put over the master bedroom California King the renter owns. Using the same chainsaw upstairs for a little remodeling, renovation. "To enhance, spiff up the place" is how he put it.

In two hours upon the landlord's return the renters were moved, gone, history. Had hit the road and were nowhere to be seen. Never heard from again.

I told the landlord you could have gone to the crow bar hotel for criminal threatening with a chain saw and he said at that point with the legal system delays, expense he had snapped, did not care.

Way beyond that point of reasoning, patience. And did what needed to be done to move the process of eviction along to fast forward, to vacancy of the rental unit. And then repair, cleaning, re-rental with more background checking the next time around. Discrimination of a sort can happen in Maine real estate.

Maine, simple, natural, unfiltered.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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