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The Three Little Pigs Struggled With The Build Your Own Home Concept.

There are wolves, fatalities, obstacles in anything, but building your own Maine home from scratch, from the land, ground up.

Could you do it? Sure you could. Here, take the carpenter's apron. Slide on these steel toed boots. It's hammer time without MC on the boom box thanks. Dial in some Daft Punk. Or your favorite artist. And many people do just that in the move from the city to the country. All part of the mind set to be more resourceful. And adopting the "if it is to be, it is up to me" thinking. That neons in the brain cavity, glows and grows more intense. Beginning slower and more turtle like and then rabbit flash fast. As fire in your belly happens, drives you, spurs you on.

Because it is your home in Maine you are building, on our own land. Sparked on by the freedom of the pay as you go construction approach. Get the Maine land first, hammer and nail, in a steady as she goes attitude to home construction in the Maine housing real life project. 

Not so many years ago it was if you wanted something done, it was up to the one and only guy or gal you talk to mornings brushing your teeth. That devil, fox in the mirror. There was no other option. You or forget it. Money not being present, in the picture can cause a person to look around. Become highly creative to consider other options to get to the finish line. Around the Candy Land chutes and ladders. The colored spaces of great and those not so stellar neighborhoods.  To park, land by chance on with the Monopoly board of life roll of the dice.

Maine is that kind of place.

With all the space. And individuals with feet to the flame, tested by fire, with self inflicted pressure to be more. All that you can be without wearing the Army green. Or carrying a carbine on a hot patch of dirt, or crouched low, walking softly on foreign soil. Learn more about living in Maine, the simpler approach free of all the distractions, filters and delays robbing, stealing a richer experience. Get the quality of life you only dreamed about. Maine, it is better than the real thing, still exists. Pssst, mum's the world, don't spill the beans, keep the secret lips sealed okay? (Smile)

If you are brand new to what's it like up here in the right hand corner of the world, out on this jut of land parked up against Canada, dubbed "Vacationland", "The Pine Tree State", start with small bites.

No thank you helpings. Dine on the buffet of Maine images, photos, pictures.

One at a time. Remember to pace yourself, take it slow and to go easy on the Maine eye candy to avoid cramps.

The lament, depression that can happen if stuck somewhere other than Maine. It is not like this everywhere I know. It is why I live in Maine full time, raised a family here and can not imagine how people can make one week a year's vacation or long weekend stretch, Cure the itch. Feed the need. To calm the urge, to get your fix. For the addiction screaming inside your head for four season natural beauty. The down to Earth but very well spaced out hard working, God fearing people dotting Maine's 108 small towns. All unique. Where lazy is not a disability, but a curse that everyone labors hard to avoid like the plague. Get here quick as you can, don't stay away so long.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Comment balloon 8 commentsAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • June 29 2013 09:26AM
The Three Little Pigs Struggled With The Build Your Own Home Concept.
There are wolves, fatalities, obstacles in anything, but building your own Maine home from scratch, from the land, ground up. Could you do it? Sure you could. Here, take the carpenter's apron. Slide on these steel toed boots. It's hammer time… more
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