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Houlton Maine Real Estate | How Much Home, House Can You Afford?

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The size of the monthly house payment on the Maine real estate home mortgage depends on lots of factors.

Each individual case is different because of the amount of the household income, the spending patterns within the home.

The old add-age of one week's paycheck or two and a half times the yearly income are home buying guides.

Debt ratios banks for home loans are used as what history has shown is safe. Within the proper margins for income to installment debt to work and keep the Maine home bills paid. The house in Maine afloat.  

So that beyond the Maine home loan monthly payment, the insurance, upkeep and to pay for utilities the owner of the house can breathe easy.

Have money for kid's braces, groceries, gas and to go out to eat, to the movies once in awhile. 

How much to live comfortably depends on how the Maine home owner approaches the monthly budget. In Maine most of our fun is low cost, no cost and always outdoors. Any of the four seasons. We also have better spending control and make sure to get value before letting go of the hard earned currency.

The house prices are way lower than the national average. In Northern parts of the state, less than half the southern portion home median price happens. So less monthly budget needed to pay off the Maine home loan.

So eventually there is no Maine home mortgage.

Money freed up for housing overhead or to save for a rainy day. How much to live comfortably also depends on how many kids in college, what is one of the bread winners is sick, off line. 

Your own what can I afford for a payment and sleep nights without worry is the end all. Despite the charts, the averages and norms frommaine moose cat photo all the surveys, the individual believing they can make the payment is what counts. That the size of it is small enough to allow for all the other areas of their life to function well.

Not run out of funds from the Maine household savings, checking account.

The one and half percent that needs to be put back into the house yearly for maintenance can also get stretched. When you replace the heating system, the roof and renovate the kitchen and bath the same year, that average goes out the window.

Timing of what happens in life is key and not always spaced out properly to allow a steady as she goes on the spending side of the family check book.

Maine, big state, less people, lower cost property listings. ME real estate videos do it easiest. Show the area, the local listings in the zip codes.

Neat combination huh? Get here as quick as you can. Don't keep her waiting.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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