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Cars Made At 4:50 PM On A Friday, Real Estate Listing Born Wrong Time.

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Timing is everything in life and real estate listings need the same focused attention that anything serious requires for success.

You've always heard about cars made at ten to five on a Friday night. And think of workers waving air impact wrenches and mentally checking out. Off to the corner pub to hoist a few. Leaving behind lemons on the production chain back at the auto factory.

To play a little pool, throw a few darts. Hit a different target.

Dig in for handfuls of stale, left sitting on the bar pretzels, salty munchies design to create Death Valley thirst.

To unwind and forget about building cars for a while. Because baby, the weekend is here.

Turn up Billy Idol, Twisted Sister, Nine Inch Nails, The Judds, George and Tammy on the jukebox. Look for a dance partner. Forget about chrome trim, moon roofs, speed controls.

With real estate list, twist, market, shout, our peak production is done often when other people don't work. We dove tail to their time constraints. Work weekends, late at night. Round the clock with blog posts, videos, fully stocked real estate sites.

Loaded with the good stuff to satisfy, create a pleasant, helpful online real estate experience.

To save time, gas, frustration, drama. To help the show and tell process. So more property listings are scanned, reviewed and a few make the cut. Advance to the finals in the real estate cake walk. To find the right fit, the match that works. Hits the spot, refreshes.

But back to when the real estate listing is taken. Not talking best time of year because real estate sells year round, waits for no one. No bad time to list property. But if the agent, broker, REALTOR is distracted with life struggles, it has to impact the performance. We're not robots and can compartmentalize. For awhile. But still, life is a delicate balance of ebb and flow.

Teeter totter of ups and downs so keeping everything on the horizon level, wings balanced, steady as she goes is so important. Divorce, death, disease... the three "D"'s are winds that affect our "sales". And layoffs, job termination throws a wreck in the assembly line chain.

If the real estate professional is just heading out on vacation, he or she is thinking blue green water, palm trees swaying, something cold with ice and an umbrella parked, wedged, speared into the cubes.

Not the time to be listing your most precious asset. Or on his, her return from a wild ride and visit with Mickey, Minnie and the gang. The real estate professional wearing the off, funny shade of blazer with his or her brand label on it. Can be hairy, scary inside the brain. Routine all shot to heck, a bulging to do list. So taking steps to get the property on the market the first day back even though vacations are the pause that refresh, give you a new perspective on life, can be the wrong time To tap into the creative spirit. So let him or her come up for air. Wait for a well rested, not velocitized real estate professional that brings the A game to the listing table.

If the seller is in one major hurry due to distractions at work, in life, then attention to detail is not up to snuff either. Details that differentiate the listing from each other are left out. Missing, on the editing floor. Not hitching a ride on the final copy shown to the world. Real estate, life success is a series of small details sweated, ironed out. Plus removal of any wrinkles that show. That would impact the total seamless impact of the real estate marketing. We are a show and tell business, story tellers. Of the local area community events, the property listings of all kinds, sizes, prices and location in our GPS coordinates. On the revolving dark blue, deep green marble that more and more is spinning into overdrive, a higher gear ratio.

So your thoughts on the time of day, when is the best period in the work week to sit down, thrash out a listing, or to tour properties.

Better optimum times beyond the obvious? Like the buyer with three sick, fussy, tired children strapped to the hip. Or running like ban-see around the property listing. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling with the crystal this, marble that tramping temptations. To grab and heave ho on the NASCAR round and round. Until you or one parent catches the rug rat?

But the car built at the wrong time, possessed and not the one for the family Sunday rides, picnics, trips to church or Uncle Bob, Aunt Janes. It could make a difference just like when the real estate listing is hammered out on the kitchen table. And time invested, the ingredients of all the human and not so human elements are bolted, welded and rivoted together for better or worse.

Christine Plymouth Car Video.

Maine, big state, simple living and every season spent outdoors as much as possible.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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Cars Made At 4:50 PM On A Friday, Real Estate Listing Born Wrong Time.
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