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Real Estate Video | The Orphan, Misunderstood, Neglected Marketing Child.

Real estate video is the by far easiest way to transfer information about your local community flavor, the property listings that populate your zip code.

But slow to get up to speed even though using the eyeballs and eardrums in tag team for show and tell is over the top powerful. If done right. With consistency and the notion that this video is not going to win an emmy, golden globe, oscar award.

Because the real estate video is not designed to entertained, but simply to be a marketing work horse.

With a clear purpose, mission. And knowing there are going to be hundreds of the videos doing the heavy lifting. Not just a few on your most expensive property listings. Or ego inflating me me me talking head videos that really turn off buyers. Waste their time. And don't help your channel grow, get repeat visits.

To round the clock provide the full motion life and natural sound of what 123 Morning Glory Circle is all about.

What you see, what she looks like on the approach. With a little seasoning about the area on the audio tract. To help add details, paint a mental picture about the schools are two blocks east. The hospital three blocks west. And this is the last street in town on the north end. No neighhors. Yippee.

But what you see looking out from the back deck with the tinkling wind chimes. Swaying white birches, maples with brilliant fall colors in the slow pan of the back yard, side areas, and what's out front. The buyer can quickly see homes too close Martha or esclaim boy, no other people or zero lot lines happening. Invading the living space. This one is worth putting on the list for "come back to's". She could be the one. So far so good and they like what they hear, see and nothing is left out with video. This buyer conversation between the couple taking place three time zones away, ten states from our office. The issue of we have to come and see it just went "poof" for the buyer. That stumbler is gone, removed with video. That does not happen with a scraped MLS regurgitated feed. And yes, no, maybe and numbers. So much is missing, does not make the show and tell.

Videos To Meet The Local Neighbors, Community Members Need Shooting.

Real estate video works so well because all the property puzzle pieces are carefully stitched, edited together. For one simply just tap tap the screen. Or double click with the mouse trigger finger and sit back, relax. Just watch, listen, learn.

Like your plate at supper delivered with the steak cut up, cooked just the way you like it pink, cool in the center.

Salt, pepper, buttered baked potato all carefully cut, peeled, mashed into place. Dig it. Let's eat. Supper's ready. And the buyer can hear the triangle being rung. For not just one, but another, then another of the type, price, location they are looking for.

Less time wasted with skimpy, too little to go on. No hoping the place has this, assuming it has that because MIA information. Nothing much to do on. With a few not so hot or informative images, the buyer online far away is at one big disadvantage. Trying to jump to the wrong conclusions and eventually finding out that place would not have worked from the get go for consideration. Because what was missing that is painfully, slowly learned makes it red "x"ed off the list of possible property listings. In the matchmaking that helps find the best fit with the more known possible using all the senses.

See, Hear, Get To Know A Place With Property Listing Videos.

Buyers using video make better property buying decisions.

Get in and out of way way more homes, houses or over more land, farms, waterfront listings because bang bang bang no matter where they are, what time of day or night, or in any kind of weather they can open house. On their schedule, which is rarely nine to five anymore. Not five days a week banker's hours easy or predicitable. The real estate marketing machine needs to be kept idling, always ready when the ping comes in.

But why the fear of real estate video?

Why the orphaned, forgotten, neglected platform for real estate video?

The shift to more attention to the video channel happens when the click in the head is heard. Seeing how it clones the agent, broker, REALTOR for the ability to take folks on tours by the hundreds, thousands of times over a weekend. Not just one at a time showings. When buyers ask do you have a video to save me time, show me and tell me more and you over and over turn red. Look down at the floor and have to admit no, but someday. It has to happen and should. But pulling back in the old ways of this is how we always did it. And embracing new technology is the key.

Maine Farm Home Total Renovation, 130 Acres Of Land For Sale Video.

Remember,  just because you set up a real estate video channel does not mean there, done. And waiting for more listings, sales to happen. real estate vending delivery truck photo

Because if nothing good to watch, listen to is added on a regular bases, it is just like you sitting on the couch, sofa.

In the reclined easy chair or rocker. With the bowl of cheesos, chip and dip.

You change channels, surf for something good to spend time watching, listening to and keep looking.

Until you land on what you need, want.

Real estate video is the same concept.

Give them something to watch that saves them time, gas, money, and shows them your local area, the property listings in it.

Be the video portal for your local community. You are late out of the gate and have lots of catching up to do. But they only get better if you just turn on the blinking red light. Start shooting, editing, rendering, uploading real estate video.

Please subscribe to our you tube channel, just one of the video portals!

Maine, big state with all the space.

Don't keep her waiting, come see how drop dead gorgeous, stunning, natural and down to Earth she is.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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