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Property Search, Just Not The Way It Was Done When The World Was Flat.

boat propeller

Chris Columbus could not whip out a smart phone and a pull up a slew of property search land listings on the net.

He, his rag tag crew were all alone on the high open sea waiting for wind. Had to take months, years and sail, slosh the World in an old creaking, smelly boat. Not surf the web for his discoveries for the Queen to mirror mirror on the wall gloat about back across the puddle. On the way to the new land.

CC's high seas adventures made him a maverick, loner. Back when the majority of your friends, family, neighbors were convinced the Earth was flat as a pancake. Instead of a revolving blue and green marble. Luckily, things have changed since a little invention called the Internet. 

Land in Maine, you can dial it in, double click or tap tap the screen and properties gush, spill out into your lap. With filtering, you can drill down through and get more focused, limited and specific in the search for Maine land results. Power added to the row row your boat to find dry Maine land to go ashore. Kick the dirt. 

Like people that come in more than 31 flavors, land in Maine for sale is available in all price ranges, types, locations too.

It is now more what am I going to use the land in Maine for to improve my life. For a better quality of living experience that's considered. These days the emotional, feeling warm and fuzzy about a Maine land purchase means determining what you need the land in Maine for, how you will be using it.

Retirement, just long weekends and vacations? Or full time for year round living to build a permanent Maine home. To grow some food, raise critters and be a Maine farmer. Or for renting out the improvements to make it pay for itself. Waterfront land to build on is ideal for a solid investment return. When put into the rental pool of the same players year after year for their vacations. Until you relocate to the property full time or sell it for a profit. Maybe leave it to your kids when you pass away. One day wake up dead.

Poor Chris Columbus had to roll out maps, depend on only eight crayon renderings not based on Google Earth london bridgesearches.

Not tied to GPS coordinates or satellite aerial views to chart his course.

Everything was unknown, uncharted, not virgin unexplored.

Today's Maine land buyer doesn't have to float a boat personally to each and every property listing.

In fact he can stay right where he is on the planet.

And from the comfort of his easy chair recliner, or while killing time at an airport terminal due to a flight delay, have the box of Maine land chocolates to sample. 

One after another to nibble on and save time, gas. To cover more ground, see more properties, listings. Making a better informed, more aware of what is actually out there purchase. With Maine land videos, the show and tell not longer requires delays, physically traveling. No disruptions of the normal day to day with Maine real estate video searches, surfing not sailing. In fact, not just the Maine land listings can be eyeballed, listened to, no no. The on line property searcher unlike Chris Columbus, can travel to the local Maine community events with instant, on demand video delivery. To see, learn all about the flavor of the local turf before actually setting foot on land there. 

The Earth, World is not flat. The land in Maine for sale array of treasure jewels, gems is at your finger tips. Not maine welcome signa mystery, dark unsolved unknown.

The snap your fingers, right now to discover, explore Maine land listings is more exciting, easier than ever.

Land in Maine, how big, what kind, what do you want to use it for and how big a budget to make it happen?

Ready when you are to set sail. Have the rigging, provisions, support crew all in place.

Just flash a light, fire a cannon across our real estate office deck to get our attention about your desire, hunger, thirst for Maine land.

Owner financing Maine land acreage that is custom, tailor made to fit your real estate property listing budget is no problem either. 

Learn About Maine Land Owner Financing Video.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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