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Whoa Nellie, How Way Different Rural Low Cost ME Real Estate Markets Are.

maine canada usa international boundary marker photo

The caller on the Maine real estate other end of the tin can and string this morning starts asking a set of questions.

That we get, hear a lot.

And before they even volunteer where they live on the planet, you know they are a little frustrated, uptight and bone tired weary.

From living in a jammed too tight, high crime city area. And are some kinda of busting out anxious to bail.. to relax, breathe easier in Maine.

Pull the rip cord or push the eject button.

This is another in the Maine real estate buyer eavesdropping on a conversation blog post series.

Too expensive, too much crime, living in fear and no place to raise kids. Those are the highlights. And their questions about are there heavy loads of permits, regulations, over-burdensome layers and layers of beaucracy to chain saw through in maine canadian land marker photo

Maine like here? That just waste time and cause frustration.

Making them all the way around unhappy campers.

Feeling older doing hard time in the urban concrete jungle that takes it toll on the quality of life.

No fun, work work work and then die chained to the high speed whirling treadmilling surroundings that they should have climbed off before it over RPM'ed.

We get asked about over engineered, mound system septic systems.

Will they need one on their over 100 acre Maine farm land property listing that is getting flirted with, noticed hot and heavy on line?

Heck no, those are used in teeney weeney, tiny postage stamp property lots like they are used to on their end of the pike. That demand them because simply no space to spread them out. Not like that in Maine, where there are 10 other people maine land on candian border photoand just me in the mile squares that spread out over Aroostook County.

That is parked on the US / Canadian International boundary or border.

Next index card question is about are the wells all the way to China deep and is the Maine water quality pretty bad?

NOOoooo, there are not super deep wells and the crystal clean water is not over burdened with industrial toxins.

City slick goo oozing of the crud like where they now live.

Not a lot of steel casing straws poked into the local groundwater here in Maine.

I tell them we are good stewards and protect the resources.

Not pollute them for the next generation to have to deal with which is how they feel about where they are trying to high tail it out of now.

We escort the brand new out of state buyers of Maine real estate to our FAQ video to get them transposed to the way it is here now. And to see how vastly different small rural Maine real estate markets roll day to day.

The buyer from outside Syracuse New York says he is paying through the nose on the house property listing taxes under contract there.

The place due to close soon. He, his wife echoes the same eagerness. They're more than ready to pull the moving trigger when the green light on his end comes on, shines brightly.

And that he can live in a small insulated camper with a heater for the rest of the winter.

The property listing he is zeroing in on, flirting with here is over 100 acres of land in Maine in the $40's price bracket.

Where putting in a drilled well, concrete septic system is going to be a low cost piece of cake. Plenty of room so relax. And the wallet he sits on won't have to be jaws of life stretched, ripped open so wide to say AHhhhhhhh ouch. Maine, simple living, common sense still used here. Check out what's now playing, showing on another Maine real estate blog post channel today. Or our Me In Maine special of the day blog post offering.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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