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Northern Maine Snow Sled ITS Trail Report December 30th, 2013.

Maine has 14,000 miles of trails to enjoy riding out in the open on your snowmobile, snow sled.

maine snowmobiles gassing up photo

And Maine snow sled club members all pitch in to make their connections, trail sections the best possible.

With whatever Mother Nature, Jack Frost tag team and combine to create for a winter wonderland.

Here is the report for Northern Maine, the snow sled ITS trail report courtesy of Kathy Muzzuchelli of the Caribou Parks And Recreation Department nice enough to post it.  She is the command central go to for the latest happenings around the region.

Kathy Mazzuchelli  |  Caribou Parks & Recreation Department  | 55 Bennett Dr. | Caribou, Me. 04736  |  207-493-4224

Greetings from Aroostook County.........

Maine Moose Snow Sledding PhotoOverall..there has been another foot of powder with a small amount of sleet giving it some moisture so early season sledding is starting off great !! HOWEVER…..there are a lot of hiccups this early in the season so please see below……by the way……we were unscathed by the recent ice storm but our sympathies go out to those folks in central Maine some of whom still don’t have power !!!

  • We have some lake riders BUT….although the lakes were freezing up pretty well, this snow accumulation will add some slushing and sledders are advised to stay off the lakes and let mother nature work her magic this week which looks to be perfect for making ice !
  • ITS 85 certainly is being impacted with closures due to logging and rerouting so please read below to find out where and where not to ride right nowMaine Baby Moose Photo
  • And speaking of reroutes, there have been a number of them so pay attention and follow the signs.
  • Keep in mind that there are some long distances between gas stations so look at the reroutes and plan accordingly
  • Many clubs still are working on trail markings so keep that in mind. Most should complete the task by the end of this weekend
  • MOOSE ALERT Cute critters but they are out everywhere. Be especially careful on ITS 88 on the Presque Isle end where this baby moose has been sited and licking snow off the groomer blade!

Northern Maine Snow Sled Trail Info / Report

!ITS 85 Lots of reroutes in the area so hopefully by the first week of the new year the trails will be opened and signed.

ITS 85 and 86 will share location south of Ox Bow for several miles to Grand Lake Rd. Trail 71D will not cross to Shin Pond. Trail 71A Oxbow to Ashland will be done by Ashland which hasn’t begun grooming yet

New Trail off ITS 85 in Ox Bow that will go to new clubhouse and groomer shed and maybe a cup of coffee!

Further north there is a section of 85 north of Wallagrass that will be closed for two weeks however travel between Eagle Lake and Portage is uninterrupted on the new route Portage developed. Carter Brook to Ft Kent is open and groomed as well but sledders are reminded that 92A off 85 north towards St Francis is closed due to logging until the end of January or mid February.

!ITS 83 Oakfield and Linneus still looking for a reroute so that section will remain closed for a bit. Also Sherman has a section of 83 closed due to a water problem created by some busy beavers……give them a bit to work out a reroute. Another big reroute occurs south of Bridgewater where traffic will be Caution Maine Snow Sledders Signrerouted off the railbed due to logging and will be traveling to well north of Mars Hill…..that section is now marked and groomed . From Mars Hill north 83 is in good shape but watch for logging as you enter Madawaska.

!ITS 81This route is taking shape. Heading west Mars Hill opened their section between 83 and Squa Pan today (Friday) however Walker Siding is working on a reroute and has not started grooming yet. Heading north out of Mars Hill 81 is open through to Easton and Ft Fairfield however Limestone has not been out. North of Limestone, Caswell, Van Buren, Grand Isle and Madawaska have all opened their sections however markings may be a bit lean but should be out by th end of the weekend.

ITS 92 Is groomed and open from Madawaska , Frenchville, Ft Kent, St Francis to Allagash where it ends, however there is a nice trail that loops Glazier Lake that is open and groomed.

ITS 90 Open for business as Ft Fairfield , Caribou and Portage have all been out. But watch for wildlife in all areas as moose are still wandering.

!ITS 88 Remember there is a reroute on the section in Ft Fairfield so watch for signage. Moving east the trail has been groomed to Ashland but there is no access yet from Ashland on 85 north due to a reroute and 85 south from Ashland is still being prepped. ITS 105 is open and groomed to get the loop ride in.

!ITS 86 Meduxneakeg Ramblers were opening and grooming on their end to the vicinity of St Croix Meduxnekeag Ramblers Snow Sled Club Photohowever it will be a week or two before passage will be available to the 85 intersection due to logging and reroutes.

ITS 105 is opened an groomed to the ITS 81 intersection. Check locally south of that area.

!ITS 120 is groomed to Pushneer Pond from ITS 85 however they are working out a reroute on the Debouille end so b patient and please stay clear in that area due to logging.

Rt 100 has been rerouted however due to logging it will be closed off for a while so there is no access to 89 nor 94 from Caswell but it is open east to 81 from Caswell along with 100A

Rt 89 between ITS 83/90 in Caribou north to Rt 94 is not open yet

Rt 94 Van Buren is working to run on the bank through a logging op so watch for signs and PLEASE stay off the road.

Daigle and Soldier Pond have their systems open Rt 73B between Ft Kent and Daigle is closed.

The snowsledding in Maine outdoor recreation industry helps every community.

Come on up, plenty of white stuff to hit the Maine snow sled trails, to see the wildlife.

To unplug, recharge and relax sitting a top of hill top. Staring off and thinking you should make this Maine snow sledding, outdoor living more of a healthy habit.

I have a Maine ITS snow sled trail across a farm I own and was asked by an out of state real estate Maine Snow Sledder Photobuyer don't I worry about lawsuits.

If someone gets hurt.

The state of Maine has a policy, legislation protecting Maine land owners who "share the trails".

It is always a "tread lightly, carry in, carry out and stay on the trail" attitude of respect.

Good stewardship.

I allow the trails because I use the other trails and am a sled head too. Spread the word, Maine snowsledding, the trails are great.

Come on up over New Years, this weekend, any time this winter in Maine.

You won't meet a nicer bunch of down to Earth people, or see prettier sites all sugar coated, white and fluffy than Maine in winter. They all enjoy the boost to the economy of the $150 per day a snow machine operator pumps into the local coffers. It ripples through out the local communities.

Red carpet reception awaits you from all area businesses, from motels, places to stay. To parts and service, places to eat and to have one memorable vacation. Northern Maine towns are snow sled friendly, set up and cater to anyone that rides a snowmobile. And there are places to ski in Northern Maine too. Or to swish swish snow ski in Canada, across the border. Just a hop.

More on Maine snow sledding at this link. Smooth groomed, safe trails, less sledders to bump into and more natural beauty is what you get seeing Northern Maine from the seat of a snow sled, snowmobile.

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Maine has 14, 000 miles of trails to enjoy riding out in the open on your snowmobile, snow sled. And Maine snow sled club members all pitch in to make their connections, trail sections the best possible. With whatever Mother Nature… more
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