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Small Mom And Pop Maine Real Estate Commercial Listing | Be The Boss.

Wear the pants, be the boss, make what you are worth in a small mom and pop Maine real estate commercial listing.

If you are not lazy, get along with people and like providing a service, peddling a product, we have a perfect fit small maine store for sale photosMaine business property to consider.

Instead of going head over heels in debt, having to mortgage your soul or give up a duplicate vital organ and having trouble sleeping nights with worry, try this Maine listing in the $30's!

Built back in the late 1940's, it has the space for customer parking on the side, on the road.

The exposure from being just outside town on US Rt 2 with high traffic. Just be open the hours, have the friendly service, attractive fair prices and a good product or service that keeps them coming back for more.

Often the buying the commercial, business property in Maine listing is challenge enough.

But the "now where are we gonna live" when not a lot of extra green in the wallet or purse to pull off lodging, buying a house too. Let's face it, this new small business listing in Maine mean you are going to practically live at the store the first year or two.

But the rewards pay off as you can ease back and live more normal, sane hours and hire some help. You make your real profit in the sale on the other end, after ten years in the saddle. Or you buy, own a couple of these cash rich Maine business properties. Can hire managers. Just do the parts of the business you enjoy, are best at with the meet and greet of the public, the customers. Or out back in the office, on the computer ordering inventory and doing the book keeping as a bean counter running a Maine business.

Located in a neat place with lots of Canadian cross border business, the Shiretown of Aroostook County. This property listing at 88 Smyrna Street Houlton Maine has a two bedroom second floor apartment. houlton maine photo

You can live there, or rent it out for business income.

Usually whoever lives upstairs in the rental apartment is one of your best customers is what others sellers, property owners have noticed.

Maine edge of town country store has always been a good money maker in our previous sales experience as a convenience grab and go, fast food take out of pizzas and sub sandwiches.

The bread, milk, paper and other essentials that everyone needs to restock around their households.

You can get in and out quicker, no big parking lot and dings, dents from all those run away carts that no one puts back anymore.

And you feel good dealing with the owner in the Maine store listing.

Low price, low overhead make this a fun place to be a couple or one arm paper hanger making money hand over fist.

Walk in cooler, rear deck with the apartment. Sits on a concrete full foundation for extra storage. Modern hot air furnace but the cooler compressors do a good job of heating the place for free. Metal roof means the snow goes whoosh. No sliding off the roof with a shovel and being in traction, sporting multiple contusions.

Be the boss, earn what you are worth and run the show. Is that the independence, small business property maine photosowner you see yourself being, enjoying?

Get the kids in on the act making pizzas, the boxes they slide into, the deliveries to sell more pies from your small Maine store business.

Sorting through empties, waiting on customers, taking their turn at stocking the youtube maine real estate videosshelves.

Keeping the walk in cooler full. All this property for in the $30's! You get a tenant in place in the apartment if you want or in thirty days can be store front live, bedding down on in the four room, full bath second floor living quarters.

Resting up for another action packed day putting smiles on the faces of your Maine convenience store customers. Showing them all you are some kind of glad to see them again as they pick up items that you ring up on your own Maine store business enterprise cash register.

Maine, big state, less people, more connected and fun happens here all four season.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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