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(Squeak Squeak Of Property Listing Shopping Cart) Maine Land For Sale.

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You have a shopping list of what to get, look for in the search for Maine land.

To get a parcel, property listing in Maine that is low cost, feature rich with the flavoring you are hankering.

There is usually a budget involved, a ceiling for the right piece of Maine land.

Unless someone has hit the lottery and wandered in the Houlton Maine real estate office.

And points at the wall display board and says "I'll get all those. Wrap them up, the Maine land listings to go please."

For starters Maine is a big state with less people, boatloads of wildlife in the 91% that is wooded.

So with less people, you need fewer acreages of Maine land to protect the peace and quiet. And with northern Maine being half of the pretty impressive state's 46th lowest for crime in the nation, people leave your camp alone.

No one is messing with the land in Maine when you are not around. Small town Maine Land Has Moose On It.Maine simple living teaches you to respect other people's property and to expect the same treatment in return. 


So some examples of affordable Maine land to consider? Roger.

How does 77 acres of Maine land, $22,000 for a price tag hanging off the property sound to you?

Or 50 land acres in Maine in Hodgdon for $27,900 ? Nearly 100 acres of Maine lake land.

Loaded down with tons of frontage on both sides of Rt 169 in Danforth ME, Washington County just might fill the bill.

Meet the need.

Lots of Maine land properties, listings to try on, test drive.

To see if they fit, work like a puzzle piece in your life you have been after.

Looking for to satisfy the need for Maine land. For the space, peace and quiet land in Maine provides oh so well.

Okay, one more to chew on, consider for Maine land offerings. This one 100 acres of land in Maine, log cabin plopped hidden in the middle surrounding by abandoned farm fields, mixed woods. Privacy without isolation happens with the property acreage for $67,500!

Land in Maine for sale, (kitchen dinner bell rining loudly) come and get it.

Maine Land Video

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You have a shopping list of what to get, look for in the search for Maine land. To get a parcel, property listing in Maine that is low cost, feature rich with the flavoring you are hankering. There is usually a budget involved, a… more
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