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Before You Pick A Meal, The Restaurant Selected First..Like Real Estate.

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Real estate buyers don't tie on a blindfold and throw darts to pick where they move.

And like a restaurant when the dinner bell rings and you and I are on the road, where to eat is pondered first.

Before plopping down in the booth. Or sliding up on to a pub stool, opening a menu and



Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe...


Pick something to ask the waiter, waitress to cue in the kitchen that you would love an order of this (pointing) and can I substitute the rice with Maine potatoes please? Before folding up the menu. Collecting them all from around your party and smiling, handing them back to the order taker. To make their job easier, get your vittles quicker.

Real estate is the same way. It is local.

So before assuming everyone that buys is local and know consider branching out. Extending your reach. To market to folks that need to know the A-to-Z on the area, your local community area first. Before settling in on kicking property listing tires on what is good where you live. What is currently available on the real estate "menu" in your area? What would you recommend? Today's specials are what? I know they are on that blackboard over there but help me sort down through the hard to see colored chalk list. Eyes are not what they used to be. 

fruit smoothie photosAlso when an agent, broker, REALTOR mentions this or that about the real estate market, he or she has to consider first, am I talking about my home town or the world, nation, state, the Moon or just in general?

Like using your inside or playground voice to communicate. 

Makes a difference where you are, who's listening.

Who's attention are you after, seeking to make a point?

Because if you go on and on about a dire real estate market in your urban area, the folks on line reading your hunt and peck think.. gee, it must be that bad where I hang my hat. Maybe, maybe not.

Rural markets don't spike way up and down.

Just chug along and are far enough away from cities to sustain pretty nicely. In fact even better with online marketing because they look extra attractive for simpler, low cost living when it is kinda dicey, time to leave in a city real estate market that is suffering, struggling.

NOoooooo, every real estate market is so different.

When a local buyer or seller asks me "how is the market", when I explain we are busy listing, selling some raise an eyebrow. Because they've heard from the media that everything is awful, nothing is selling. For the local buyer or seller of real estate I can ask one question.

maine real estate broker andrew mooersHave your noticed we have had lots of SOLD panels screwed on top of our color Maine real estate signs around the area? Well yes. Now that you mention it, point it out.

Well, there is how's the market, the local Maine real estate market health, situation answered visually.

Be careful as a real estate professional what you say and to preface it to mean, clearly point out which market. Local, statewide, national, worldwide, another solar system? Makes a difference on people's opinions, attitudes based on what you say, contribute to the buzz, communication online that may not apply to where they live.

Maine, big state, less people, more wildlife. Simpler living.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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