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Trouble Shooting Maine Real Estate Listings, Marketing, Property Sales.

car vehicle idiot warning lights

When your car lights dim, brighten and the instrumentation dash gauges and warnings start to do funny things, it gets your attention that something is wrong.

But in a real estate listing, property sale what is happening "under the hood" requires someone guiding the process. Monitoring the step by step of the listing, the marketing, the actual real estate closing that often involves a bank, attorneys, lots of supporting folks along the way that make or break the property transfer.  Setting real estate expectations, studying the behind the scenes "life support" and tender loving care and concern. To make the real estate property listing sale look easy. Nursing it along to make it smooth, steady as she goes simple and fun.

Experience, having been through lots of property listing sales means the warning signs, red flags are obvious to the seasoned real estate agent, broker, REALTOR. It calls for a bit of humor. Lots of  candor in real estate listing and property sale discussions that are critical, a must to avoid added levels of stress. Because buying, selling real estate is an emotional experience with a clock ticking. Deadlines, commitments, do or die lines in the stand drawn by real estate buyers, sellers, banks, tenants and other professionals involved in the property listing sale. Whose lives are impacted good or bad in the quickest, no fuss no muss way to getting to the long conference room closing table.

The multi colored warning signs, the blinking lights like on the dash of your car, truck, SUV that signal oh oh. Something out of whack, not within the safe limits of what they should be.

The possibility the real estate sale is headed south. Out of whack from the normal is underway.

Causing worry to creep into the fear section of your buyer and seller's maine property listings real estatebrain if you the guy or gal wearing the blue and gold REALTOR "R" is not paying attention. Or just is green and does not see the glowing red and orange lights, annoying buzzers and bells that are about to flash on and off. And is untrained, not sure what to do or is about to happen.

At a juncture in the property listing real estate sale. Where the situation takes the wrong turn or fork in the real estate sale roadway. That can have dire effects, cause a breakdown of the real estate transaction. Signalling that everything is about to go horribly wrong.

Warning breakdown, cloudy skies are rolling in overhead. To replace the blue ones with sunshine and easy sailing that started the real estate dog and pony show.

Expensive set backs or beginning feelings of jitters, nervousness akin to being stranded along the side of the road late at night in the pouring rain or a driving snow storm with a vehicle breakdown.

Maine, big state, less people. Are we there yet? Find your place in the space called Maine.

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Comment balloon 1 commentAndrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 • September 29 2012 07:20AM
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