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The Call Comes In About Listing, Selling The Houlton Maine Home.

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For over 50 years, the cape in Houlton Maine has been home.

To the couple that was two people but now there is only one. And that one is in the nursing home.

So the family limps along for a spell to see if Dad will come back out of that assisting living situation.

But deep down get to the point when what they hope is not matched with what will actually happen.

Acceptance with your head something that your heart is struggling with or just won't sign on and roll with as the call is made to the Houlton Maine real estate broker.

The cape is in a super neighborhood, pride of ownership is dripping curbside on every home, on each side of the quiet street.

There is no cancer, blight, rot in this Houlton Maine residential neighborhood.

No dogs, just castles. But as the black jeep rolls in to the paved driveway, a crooked line of grass growing up through the surface is first on the list of tweaking, tightening up the property. Before show and tell. List and sell.

Finding the hidden key just where the family said it was tucked away and entering the Houlton Maine home. Expecting and seeing disarray as a life time of collecting is pulled out, sorted through out the house. And destined for a new spot in a family member's house or garage sale customer that hauls it away. To actually use or for their kids to put in their garage sale years down the road.

maine lake fishing sunsetThe concrete garage floor has a crack that heaves in winter. The lawn shrubs and flowers have taken over, spread out, need to be tamed. Whacked back, shrubs shortened, groomed, clipped and snipped.

Or removed all together. The consistent theme of harvest gold and associated cousin colors permeate through the home as just I tour it. Getting to know it, making notes.

Thinking of the strategy of what needs done to stage the Houton Maine home.

How it should be marketed. Wondering about the motivation, financial aspect of the heirs and how receptive, gung ho they will be to suggestions, repairs, updates that help the sale.

Replacing the exterior door to the kitchen that is wood, worn out with a nice new insulated one with glass to help lighten up that room.

Touch up paint on dings, scrapes and a drink of oil to replenish, renew the wooden surfaces that have been neglected.

More so once health care took over as the primary way daily life is spent with the names on the deed to the Houlton Maine home and their poor, declining health.

Making the most with what you have to work with is honest. Simple, sincere and creative.

Will get the property priced realistically and the lead reindeer in the family agrees with the logic on what has sold, what is competing with this Houlton Maine home on the current market that is like it. Is happy with the real value expectations that I share with him from doing this sizing up process for a few years.

Making Maine dreams have happy endings.

Separating the emotion of this is andrew mooers maine realtorsthe family home with it is just a home. Looking at the four walls not hearing the sound of the family in younger years when they all lived under the same roof.

Wearing the REALTOR "R" means helping folks arrive at property real estate pricing. How to take care of the contents. What repairs to do and what ones are not worth the expenditure, expense. But starting the operation with just a phone call "I have a home in Houlton Maine I need to sell, can you help me?" Yes I can. And love the job of matchmaking real estate in Maine with the folks locally but also outside in the wild blue yonder. If the timing is right for a glass slipper fit.

Maine, come for a day, stay a lifetime.

Pricing, Marketing, Only Two Reasons Keeping Real Estate From Selling.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

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